I know the title is dumb but it’s all I got for now! :-D

Andrew wants me to explain how communication works with the Other Side. There must be people on here really wondering I guess. Especially since Martin and I are such close contact with Andrew. So many people get caught up with the physical hearing or seeing and miss the many other gifts of communication that they are probably already getting!

Communication comes in many forms. I think the easiest way is to explain it is how I get info but first I will give you the different ways there is to communicate.

1.clairvoyant-seeing whether it be w/physical or 3rd eye

2.clairaudient-hearing whether it be in your head or with your physical ears

3.clairsentient-feeling the information. A spirit will give you a feeling to convey an emotion

4.claircognisence- a knowing of information, you just know it.

What I find funny is that the spell check only recognized clairvoyant! Which is really how a lot of people feel, if they can’t see it they don’t think it’s valid. Contrare mofrare! Yea, I know that’s not a word, well it’s not a rightly spelled word. I really do have the attention span of a nat! :-D

For me I will be shown situations I’ve been in to tell me what to say when I’ve done readings. Or sometimes it will be words in my head. For instance, when we were talking about Andrew’s ashes and realizing how many people wanted some I heard in my head “I guess I should’ve eaten more!” :-0 LOL I was like “oh no he didn’t!” LOL

A lot of times I will just “know” information. Which can be the most accurate but hard to explain. People will ask “Well how do you know that??” Answer “Don’t know I just do!” It’s frustrating for me when that happens because I just KNOW things but can’t explain why. Especially when it comes to someone lying. I will know it, I will know what the real story is but I can’t say how I know because I JUST KNOW! Won’t hold up in a court of law! DAMMIT!

Sometimes I will see too. Denise & I were shopping for Thanksgiving yesterday when I went looking for dinner rolls. I was going to get the cheaper Publix ones that we use to get years ago. Andrew isn’t here (ok, physically! he’s a pushy lil booger) so why did it matter what I got anymore? *insert pity party here* Then all I kept seeing in my head was the flaky Pillsbury dinner rolls. His and Elatia’s favorites. I ignored it and went down the bread isle anyway. Well the picture got even bigger! That is considered the Other Side yelling. LOL Then I saw more of them & bigger!! LMAO now! He really wanted those flaky dinner rolls! So I conceded and went to the freezer section and got his fav flaky dinner rolls. You can thank your brother Elatia!

Martin will hear Andrew’s voice in his head. I have yet to have that happen. I hear the words but not his voice yet. SO how do I know it’s him…I just know. ;-) He does see Andrew, I believe mostly with his 3rd eye. What happens is, when you develop your 3rd eye you don’t now anymore if you are seeing either with your 3rd or physical eyes. It just doesn’t matter because they are both just as accurate & real.

Ahhhhh Andrew is using this as a marketing tool for the mediumship class! I was wondering why I felt guided to write about this because I had something else planned. He really is a sneaky guy! These are all things we will be teaching in the mediumship class so consider this some class room notes!

It was actually Denise’s comment that got me thinking about it. But Andrew had a hand in it all coming about believe me! You see, as I was writing the post last night I didn’t think I was conveying adequately enough what I was really trying to say. What I wanted to say was so much bigger than what I wrote out. I almost deleted it. I will probably add to it later on as I get more info. Then to read that the post was very well put?? I was surprised!

So the bottom line here is, is to trust what you are getting and HOW you are getting it! Do NOT explain it away! :-D That would be ego speaking! Not the one to be listening to at times like this! So trust trust trust!!


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  1. Leah Clark says:

    HAHAHA – so true! I’ve been known to sit for hours thinking about writing an email, deleting, re-writing, deleting again… And I’ll walk away from the computer only to be yanked back to re-write and push “SEND” before I change my mind. Then I spend the next half hour or so thinking, “They’re gonna think I’m CRAZY! What am I doing!!” Only to get an email saying, “OMG – how did you know?” or “Thank you so much – I really needed to hear that!” I’ve been driving down the road and had the urge to call someone… ignored it for a while, until like you said, the picture got bigger and bigger – “pick up the phone!!!!” And it has always turned out that the person was having a bad day or just needed an ear. I love it when that happens.
    I swear I’ve heard Andrew laughing, but when I say I “see” him, it’s always been in my mind (so far anyway).

  2. Denise says:

    Awesome , another well put Blog ,great info ….pay attention
    peep this is important info {{{{HUGS}}}}

  3. Joanie Light says:

    I love your title. As soon as I read it, I thought of that song from kid’s TV. Conjunction Junction…..what’s your function. OK, so I propped my kids in front of the TV too much, but it was education TV. Sending you hugs.

  4. admin says:

    ha ha ha Joanie! I use to watch that! My mother made us watch it too! Probably where I got it! Wonder why they did away with it. It was pretty good!


  5. Anna Taylor says:

    Thanks, Connie! That’s all so true and such great reminders! We all receive communication differently. I know that “just knowing” can be difficult to explain too but in some ways I quite like just knowing. Hehe.

    Thanks for all the wisdom Connie and Andrew! :)



  6. Karen says:

    AHHH Joanie me too, me too….”Conjunction Juction” what’s your function I thought of the minute I read the title of this blog! Yeah, why did they pull that show and also the show that LeVar Burton did, “Reading Rainbow”, that was a good show too! And of course who could forget ol’ “Sesame Street”. Oh anyway, I digress….

    Love each one of these postings Connie. You definitely put Heaven’s thoughts into amazing words to share with us. Oh man, no worries about how it all comes out, breathe in and then let your heart flow, it’s all good and perfect each time we read it.

    Love you to the moon and back, Karen

  7. Swati says:

    Just when I was thinking of posting a message to Martin to ask him what I can do to work on mediumship till the time the course starts, you posted this :).

    Just like you, I just seem to know most of the time. I prefer to have conversations to get information. So I have noticed that as soon as I “know” it, my brain builds up a conversation about make me feel I am talking to the being and getting the information. LOL!!

    I can see too…very often, but only in my minds eye. Not the way Martin sees or the way Doreen sees. And somehow I can see everyone BUT AAM. When I try to see him I see monkeys and mice. Go figure! Maybe I should ask Andrew WHY I see only monkey and mice when I wish to see AAM. No problems in seeing others.

    Hearing…I don’t know if I hear or just know. Because like I said, often as soon as I “know”, a conversation follows. But sometimes I hear very clearly when I am least expecting it or even trying to listen.

    Feeling is VERY strong. I can feel things VERY strongly….especially empathic ones. When someone grieves I grieve with them as if it is my personal loss, and when someone is happy, I feel happy like that good thing has happened to me personally. Of course, all this leads to very confused living! LOLOLOL!! Most of the times I don’t even know if I am feeling my feelings or someone elses. :-P

    Where are you Connie? How are you today?

  8. Jeannette says:

    Do you know what time it is??? I have check all day… Hope your are out shopping and getting ready for Thanksgiving… Do have the best you can
    knowing Andrew will be with you.. Set a place for him toooo.

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