As we approach Andrew’s 18th birthday, (May 12th) he is giving me signs that I am on the right track. When A few months ago while on a walk, that we use to do together, which I guess we still do, I asked Andrew what should we plant in the yard for his birthday. He asked me, “What is my fav incense Mama?” I said “jasmine.” He said, “There you go.” I could feel how pleased he was that I was tuning in. I thought, what a great idea! We’ll plant a jasmine bush outside his bedroom window! At our Ocala show last week, they had an arch way with a jasmine vine. It smelled lovely. So I knew I would be on a jasmine hunt soon.

Yesterday (Thurs) we got the call that Elysian Fields was canceling our show for Friday due to no one buying tickets. I know we had people going, besides you Karen, but because they didn’t reserve in enough time they canceled our show. Typical for this area, a so called “high vibrational” area, stronger than Sedona apparently…whateva! Yet most of the people are “wannabe” Light Workers and afraid of any REAL information! And their shadows! I am beginning to understand why those that have grown up here call this town Sorrysota! LOL I still like living here regardless. At least we utilize the power in the quartz crystal here, even if the others are afraid of it…more for us! HA!

Believe it or not, I got over it quick. I just had to get that out. ;-) I trust that Andrew will guide us in the right direction.

After the call I went grocery shopping, like I said before, something me and Muck always did together. As I was missing him going with me physically, and chatting with him, telling him he can step it up at any time now and get us bigger gigs, I notice something I’ve never seen before at the doorway of Publix. It is surrounded with a crap load of jasmine bushes on both sides!! It was so cool! That sign was 2 fold. 1. Andrew was letting me know he was with me, and 2. not to worry Pretty Mama about the shows, I have your back. It felt like Muck gave me a whole bouquet of flowers! I really felt like the lot of jasmine were ALL for me! :-D


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3 Responses to COMMON SCENTS

  1. Leah Clark says:

    Isn’t that the place that’s had some issues anyway? Maybe it’s better that you don’t have to be in that crap anyway. Onward and upward!!! Pretty cool, also, that I smelled jasmine when I left band rehearsal last night – it’s one of my favorite scents also – now I’ll think of Andrew!!!!

  2. admin says:

    Oh you mean like taking years to get our foot in the door? Actually EVERY place in Sarasota has been difficult! Either they don’t answer the phone, don’t return calls,or just blow us off. The one place that was awesome has legal crap going on now. I don’t think we are meant to do much here in Sarasota…other than be anonymous! LOL Now I know the stars come here, nobody knows who the hell they are here! LMAO! :-D

    We had a fab show tonight! A full house and everyone was great and they had a wonderful time. It makes up for last night! AND I booked another show for Hwld FL next month.

  3. Karen T. says:

    I was bummed on Friday night to miss seeing you guys because of EF. I need to find out when the next show is that is somewhat close or in Tampa. Glad tonight was awesome though!
    We did have an evening out as family on Friday, which was rare and awesome, but want to see the show again.

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