One thing I am learning, no matter how much I try to deny it, is that grief is ALWAYS around the corner! As much as I try to be ok with everything that has happened to us, I am still not. I still feel the extreme heaviness of grief that consumes me at times. It still gets unbearable. Maybe it’s because I am in the house all of the time and have the CONSTANT reminder that my son is no longer physically here with me. It is in my face every goddamn day! I don’t know too many people, if any, that could handle grief slapping them up beside the head everyday…ALL day long with no family support close by to help us.

Yes, I have been trying to find a job, a crappy one at that even, thinking it would be easier to find, but they, like a promoter, are like the elusive unicorn…hard to find! So here I sit trying to fight my way out of grief everyday. It gets incredibly exhausting and I succumb to it.

What I do know is that if we were out performing more, I could handle all of this better, I’d feel like there is purpose to my life & everything we’ve been thru. But sitting here on my own, I wonder WTF was all this for?? AND why do I have to stay?? It makes no sense! I am in a constant battle with myself trying to stay positive and I get too tired to keep it up. NO ONE could stay positive after losing a child without being fed some sort of positive energy, yet I am expected to? Not happening!

Now I am dealing with the 2nd anniversary of Andrew’s diagnosis tomorrow. I am grateful it is also Elatia’s b-day. What a blessing it is to have him diagnosed on her b-day. It does help shift the energy of that day. Unfortunately I won’t be spending it with her this year. She is going to the beach w/friends who have boats, and honestly, I am not even up for a day at the beach. I’m hot enough as it is inside with A.C.!

Andrew’s friend Daniel is here with us for 10 days, and that has been a tremendous help since we haven’t seen Wes since Andrew’s b-day. Having one of Andrew’s friends around really helps me stay out of deep grief. Without sounding all Michael Jacksonie, I love having teenage boys around, but not in a creepy, Jesus juice sort of way. ;-)

So what I have come to terms with now, is that I will be dealing with deep grief for probably most, if not the rest of my life. I am just hoping that something breaks for us soon because I know I won’t spend the rest of my life like this. I simply can’t. It’s too much to ask of a mother.

Next year we are going on a cruise with our Irish family to Italy, Spain, Monaco & Monte Carlo, for our cousin’s wedding. About 20 of us will be going. Dunno how we are gong to pay for it, alls I know is that we ARE going! According to Martin, Andrew says things will be falling into place for us very soon & to be ready. Not soon enough for me I’ll tell ya! I’M FREAKING READY! I keep seeing 2’s like crazy, like insane crazy how often 22 or 222 keeps coming up, which in Angel #’s means, “seeds of ideas that you have planted are coming to fruition.” Sprout away I say! BRING IT ON! :-D

We are starting our, Int’l It’s All Good Day, IIAGD campaign now. SO help spread the word! I’ll be posting a blurb here about it that you can use. If you aren’t a FB friend of mine yet, what are you waiting for?? is my url. I give a lot of notices there, which is why I haven’t been on here much. Plus I haven’t had a lot of other news to report, well news worth reporting anyway. Just sitting around waiting for something to happen from all the stuff we’ve thrown against the wall. Until next time…


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  1. Leah Clark says:

    I have my shirt on today, spreading the news…

  2. admin says:

    THANK YOU!!! Now we are looking around to see where we will be on IIAGD. We want to do our concert and have a big celebration.

  3. Joanie Light says:

    Sending you lots of hugs and love. Well…..since you did mention the sparkly gloved person, has Andrew met him yet? What about Farrah? Actually, I was thinking he might be more intrigued by Ed McMahon.

    It’s All Good!

  4. admin says:

    (((((((Joanie!!)))))) How the hell are ya?? Verizon lost ALL my #’s in my cell so I don’t have your number now. Can you email it to me?

    Yea, Andrew has not seen MJ, he has some paper work to go thru lol He hasn’t mentioned any of the recent celebs that have passed. I just got that he wants to meet Billy Mays, the Oxyclean guy first! LOL Andrew loves his cleaning gadgets! :-D

  5. Leah Clark says:

    I’ll make that concert date, fo schizzle!

  6. admin says:

    I’ll prolly know after this weekend which venue I’ll b going with. I want it to be an all day party then concert at night.

  7. Swati says:

    You know, I feel that everything will change. I don’t know why I have been feeling this, but I do feel all is going to change soon. Our world will not remain the way it is…and you will not have to deal with grief for the rest of your life. I used to be highly (99%) skeptical of the whole 2012 thing. But these days I feel change is coming, and all will change swiftly and drastically…for the better. The veils will be down. You will be able to see Andrew normally again.

    Or…I could be just officially losing it.

  8. Karen T. says:

    Okay. I haven’t come here in a while and have gotten all caught up with the blog. I just hadn’t thought about it lately because we converse via Facebook so much. This is much more info, so I will remember to come here more often.

    I feel this change too and get the 2’s all of the time. I don’t think of them as just for me lately…more a huge change coming. Can’t wait!!

  9. Swati says:

    I am so glad you feel it too Karen. I too am seeing 222 all the time…and combinations of 1’s and 9’s…they also point to “dreams coming true”. And my dreams really are about the 2012 phenomena.

  10. admin says:

    I was wondering where everybody went. I don’t share everything on FB. I save the more personal stuff for here.

    Martin has been really feeling that a shift is coming. After listening to Gregg Braden’s talk in Oct, it makes so much sense about why change is coming & we are heading towards lighter times here. We are moving closer to the star in our galaxy & w/that, light will be shining brighter on this planet so darkness can no longer hide! YAY! Everyday I keep thinking one day closer to seeing Andrew, how ever that comes in, I’m fussed how it does.

    Since our Faery wrkshop on Sunday, I have been feeling better. It’s when I sit at home doing nothing for weeks on end that I struggle w/the grief because it’s in my face non stop! I keep holding the vision and affirmation that we have found the perfect promoter/marketer for us. I know we will find one, Martin, Andrew and I have way too much to offer to just be sitting around doing nuttin!!

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