We have friends that have a 7 yo son who is such a joy to be around. He has the brightest personality and is a lot of fun to be around. There are traits about him that remind Martin and I of Andrew. His zest for life, his bubbly personality, the way he loves life, he’s just happy to be here.

Jesse, his mom, has heard about the horror stories of what some people have told us what they believe was Andrew talking to them. It has happened at some of our shows, people who fancy themselves as spiritual teachers, etc. I understand that people want to latch on to something so magnificent as Andrew’s energy, but don’t piss all over it with your negative crap. I can always tell when someone has had a REAL experience with Andrew, they feel extreme joy and peace, as do I. NOT anger, NOT lower vibrational crap.

Since hearing some of these stories, Jesse was apprehensive about telling me about an encounter she had with Andrew. I heard from Martin about it so I asked her if she had an encounter with Andrew. We were texting and this was what she said, “Yes!!!!!!I did! It was when Bub (her son)was on vacation with his dad and I hadn’t heard from him and was lying in bed worrying and panicking! All I remember was being in a blank state of mind, and I saw Him and heard him tell me Bub was okay and then I finally fell asleep. I felt so safe after that. Also I saw him again and he was smiling and saying “it’s all good” with that smile. I can’t even remember why or where that took place, but he was there.” When I saw her in person she told me how Andrew’s face was just so radiant. She was mesmerized by him. Now that is a REAL encounter!

Here’s another funny story about Muck, altho this person has had encounters with Andrew, and I have blogged about them, this was just a quick comment Muck had. It went down on Patti’s facebook page. Patti is a professional medium and had posted about the holidays and how we should include our transitioned loved ones during the holidays, on her status. I posted how I have carried on Andrew’s traditions since he left. She replies, “HE also wants to comment on your nails? ♥ Why is this? OX”

My reply: “hahahahaha LMAO! He is so funny! Because I posted the song he sent me yesterday “Just The Way You Are” by Bruno Mars on my blog & the website I got the lyrics on said “her nails, her nails” which I thought, that doesn’t make any sense! I went to another website and it said “Her lips her lips” which is correct! NOT nails! I had a chuckle about it saying the nails because it was so crazy, who wants to kiss someone’s nails all day!? LOL”

Patti’s reply:  I LOVE that he offers me GREAT validations for you Connie!!!!!!!!!!! OXOX I just posted those lyrics to some people this a.m. before you wrote on my wall!!! :) ♥ “

These kind of stories about my Muck NEVER get old!


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