Count Down Begins to the 8th Annual Int’l It’s All Good Day Celebration

ShareThirty four years ago was one of the most magical days in my life watching, helping bring the girl I always dreamed about into my life! And 8 yrs ago was the 2nd most traumatic day in my life! As we were getting ready to meet Elatia at the beach for her 26th bday, I was on cake duty, but first we had to make, what we thought was a quick trip to the walk in clinic for antibiotics for Andrew who had a sore throat & fever. Then we found out we had to go the ER b/c the … Continue reading

Happy 24th Birthday Muck!

ShareAndrew’s 24th birthday was last week and as always it is an emotional time for me, especially with Martin being 3,000 miles away, and waking up alone on Andrew’s birthday to the deafening silence. Also the realization that it is his 8th birthday I was celebrating without him physically here. I can not believe he would be 24. The Grief  was all up in my flava that morning! So I had the pity party first and then went on preparing for his birthday. My friend Megan came over around 1pm, so the pity party ended then. She came over early … Continue reading

5th Dimension Living

ShareLiving in the 5th Dimension. I wrote before about multi-dimensional living as a grieving parent, but now I am going to write about what 5th dimensional living means to me. As December 21, 2012 was approaching, the mainstream arena and religious worlds were all bizzed about the end of the world. The metaphysical world was all bizzed about “the ascension” to the 5th dimension. It was the Y2K hype all over again! AND I didn’t buy into that one either! I mean, you write a computer program and problem solved! Nothing shuts down. DUH! Geeez! Humans are so gullible! Many … Continue reading

3 Peas In A Pod

ShareMartin and Andrew were always known as 2 peas in a pod. Andrew loved dressing like Martin when he was little, not to mention he is the spit of Martin to boot. It’s like I had nothing to do with it at all dammit! WTH? Now that Kaliana is here, her and Daba are known as 2 peas in a pod, but apparently I stand corrected! [slideshow_deploy id=’3199′] We went to Orlando Jan 4th because Kali’s dad, J.R. had a food conference he attended last year and was going this year in Orlando again, so it was an opportunity for … Continue reading

Living Multidimensional Lives

ShareThis is from a grieving mother that explains to another grieving mother on a Facebook post I came across in my news feed, how we live now as  parents moving through and healing grief: ” I too am now living a multidimensional life. You can’t shrink back to the size you were but other people are not that big. It took a tragedy for this to happen. I feel the same. And I wish it hadn’t. Communicating with my son gives me strength and comfort. It was him coming to me in my dreams that gave me strength. Your son … Continue reading

Wizard’s Window Rises Again

ShareWhen Andrew was in hospital he was hell bent on starting Wizard’s Window up again. Actually not long before he was diagnosed he was taking pictures of our Wizard’s Window merchandise for one of his Myspace pages, “Peace Of Heaven.” He wanted to keep Wizard’s Window going. He loved our store. He even wanted me to make a sign for his hospital room door that said, “Wizard’s Window, Open for Business!” He was wanting me to go home and bring him his wand making supplies to make more wands and wrap crystals while he was battling leukemia. He wanted to … Continue reading

Stay With Me!

ShareMartin and I went out last night to do some holiday shopping for our Wee Woman, our K-Storm. As we are on our way to the store, Andrew does what he does best, hits us in the heart with songs. I usually listen to the radio instead of my CDs in the car so Andrew can send me songs and give me messages. Well, he didn’t let me down tonight either. As we leave the house, John Legend’s dance mix “All Of Me” comes on. Martin and I discuss how we like both versions of the song. I tell Martin … Continue reading

Made Ya Look!

ShareMartin was walking to the patio when out of the corner of his eye he sees Andrew in the back bedroom that use to be Elatia’s bedroom and where Kaliana use to nap as a baby. Normally that door is shut, so Merlin, my co-dependent wiener dog doesn’t have a party of his own back here. But Kaliana wanted to go in there today to sit down and listen to her sing to me her new rendition of Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer, where apparently he broke his ass. Here’s me wha?? But I allow her to finish her song … Continue reading

Building The Bridge To Our Kids On The Other Side

Share Our kids on the Other Side are some pretty tough cookies lemme tell ya! No more Mr Nice guy or gal! Martin and I are Secret Santa gifts again this year for some grieving parents in the Voice Of Our Angels FaceBook group. We’re offering 20 min readings for a special rate to connect with their kids. Last year we had such a great time meeting the kids, they were so funny! I forgot that they weren’t physically here anymore. The ones that got a reading last year though? Well, let’s just say that their kids are kicking ass, … Continue reading