Suicide And The Other Side: A Vested Interest


So many people have misconceptions about what happens to the person who commits suicide. Many religions teach that these people go straight to hell, umm WRONG! Hard to go to a place that doesn’t exist. Psychic/medium, HayHouse author, and Montel Williams’ fav psychic, Sylvia Brown said that these souls have to come right back to Earth, do not pass go. Ummmm WRONG again! Sorry Sylvia, but you were wrong on that one too.

beckettss-bar-001When Martin and I have done our mediumship events, we have had a good number of suicides come through, which would be hard to do if they were burning in hell. I’m guessing they’d have other things on their mind, you  know, like how to put those damn flames out around them being one. (Seriously! Who believes that nonsense anymore?) It would also be hard to come through if they were back on Earth again. These suicides have come through loud and clear even when they committed suicide the day before.

The reason I am writing this blog is that Martin recently had something very interesting happen with a suicide of a friend  of someone close to us. I mean even interesting for us! This is the first time Martin has had a lot of time to talk to the Spirit who committed suicide. It’s been a year and a half since this person crossed.

leather-vest-001Martin was drawn to the leather vest of this person who passed not knowing who it belonged to. And since the friend who had it, couldn’t sell it, they gave it to Martin, knowing he should have it. Their friend on the other side obviously wanted him to have it. AND surprisingly enough, it looks great on Martin, even though it looked too big for him. It seemed to shrink as they brought it down and he tried it on.

Well, since Martin has had this beautiful leather vest, the person that committed suicide has been a Chatty Cathy to Martin. He has really enjoyed his conversations with her too. Now, they never met while she was here, but that doesn’t matter when you cross. When a Spirit finds someone who can hear them, you become their BFF.

She has validated things we already knew about what it’s like to cross, but she also had info that was uniquely her own experience. For instance she did mention seeing the bridge. I blogged about that years ago when another Spirit, Margaret, who came to Martin to tell him how Andrew helped her crossover. She came to Martin to let him know what amazing work Andrew is doing since he left here, and how much she loves and appreciates him for  all of his help in her crossing the bridge. The full story can be reached by clicking each of the links below.

connies blog

The bridge of transition


The Bridge of Transition Part I
The Bridge of Transition Part II
The Bridge of Transition Part III




connies blogWhat I found  interesting in the recent interactions, “sessions” if you will,  is that Martin is part of her process of moving forward. Part of her learning and growing since she crossed herself over. Martin said it’s like she has a form to fill out that she had a session with him, he is kinda like her therapist. I found that quite interesting. Well, if people here aren’t going to take advantage of Martin’s gifts, at least Spirits are! The pay sucks but the information is amazing!

I am not going into a lot of detail here because Martin has been writing about his sessions with this Spirit that will be going into a book. But I thought I would give the highlights here first because I found it quite interesting.

I also wanted to write this for those that may have had loved ones who committed suicide and believe they might be burning in hell or lost. It has been our experience every single time that they are happy, and are still growing and learning and still loving you!

Yeah, I know that this may sound weird to some, but we don’t question the info Spirit gives us. We are open to the process and however it needs to unfold. That’s what makes us so good at what we do. And that’s why….




My Life With A Medium



You wmartin jordan - mediumould think that my husband being a singer/songwriter was enough for me to deal with as far as being a chick magnet, but NOPE! Apparently that wasn’t enough. Lucky me huh? UGH! He is also a medium, an intuitive life coach a hypnotherapist, and not hard on the eyes, so that makes him the tri-fecta, wait, no, or is it the quinfecta of chick magnets? BTW I was shocked that quinfecta didn’t even come up as misspelled, so it’s actually a word! Who knew? Not me.

SO, that makes him the quinfecta of chick magnets, a quintuple threat if you will, when it comes to the ladies, even on the other side! Take that Vin Diesel, Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp…wait, I went too far with Johnny Depp! Even Martin would agree since Johnny is our ONE. You know what I’m talking about.

Anyway, when you are married to someone who not only is a singer/songwriter, but also coaches people along their path, connects them with loved ones on the other side, you have a whole other level of “fans” let’s say, to deal with.

connie and martin - crumlin road gaolMartin has been going on ghost hunts in Northern Ireland since we had to be there in 2013 for an unintended, extended length of time. He was researching places for a paranormal tv show he was  apart of. And as most shows go, it went to the wayside, for now. BUT, while on a public ghost hunt we went to in Belfast back then, I chatted with the team about what we do, and they were interested in having Martin join them on a future ghost hunt.

So before we headed back to the States in 2013 Martin went on a “lock down” ghost hunt with Ghost Searchers Ireland (GSI), which means they lock the doors for the night and they can’t get out. But they do have a “safe word.” Those that laugh at that one, busted! Just sayin.

Martin went on a ghost hunt at the Crumlin Road Gaol (Gaelic for jail)  in Belfast, where our brother in law actually did some time as a rioter there in his late teens we recently found out. Who knew this fun loving guy was such a badass! Apparently back in the day during the “troubles” in N Ireland, it was an actual job being a rioter if you were a good Catholic. You actually had shifts to terrorize the British soldiers. Who knew? The pay sucked, but you were there for “the cause.”

CrumlinGaol-02212007-(10)Anyway, while at the gaol Martin picked up on an American spirit Elizabeth, who was a Suffragette. Because Martin picked up on her energy, the GSI team started asking her questions. She actually came through the voice box they were using. So they asked her if she liked him. Her reply? “He’s hot!” Seriously? That was her reply? So an American Suffragette in spirit at the Belfast gaol was hittin on my husband? REALLY?  But it doesn’t end there, oh no!

Fast forward to 2015 where I’m visiting Martin after 9 months apart due to cancer treatment he was undergoing in N Ireland. On Andrew’s 8th “Angelversary” aka International It’s All Good Day, we were premiering our GOOD GRIEF! Comediumship Show at Becketts, a restaurant pub in Belfast. We always like to do an event on that day to celebrate our son. I didn’t know Becketts was haunted, but then again, try and find a place  that isn’t haunted in N Ireland.

connie jordan- life with a mediumSo we arrive, see the amazing room we are to perform in, and immediately Martin starts picking up the energy there. He realizes it’s haunted. Like really haunted. But what cinched it for him? When the female spirit there kissed him on the cheek! “Oh no she didn’t!” I hear you say? Oh yes she did! So not only do I have to deal with the stalkers and clingons on this dimension, but now I have to figure out how to kick some spirit ass too? C’mon!

How do I do that? Dust off my spell book? Send out my flying monkeys? Seriously study OBE (out of body experience) and kick their ass on another plane? What? What do I do?

Oy Vey! Not only do I have to deal with the “fans” aka stalkers/clingons on this vibration, but on the other vibrations too? Well, I guess that’s the price I have to pay  being married to the quintuple threat of awesomeness. And I have to say, totally WORTH IT!

It’s All Good!

Angels Are Like Vampires

Got your attention now don’t I? How can Angels be like vampires I hear you gasp? I must be crazy to say something so outrageous, right? Guess again! It is very much true, Angels are like vampires in the sense that you have to invite them in. That’s right, Angels will stand on the side lines watching you struggle, loving you and blessing your wooden head every step of the way.

You see, Angels have no egos and they know we come here to learn a myriad of things so we can evolve and grow.  I mean after all, our Guardian Angel was there when we were putting our soul contract together with our counsel. Angels don’t judge what we are going through if it’s a hard situation or not, for them they just honor and love us through our journey. They know the soul chooses to learn and experience many different things, some joyous, some not so joyous, which in the bigger picture benefits us all, the collective consciousness. So if we are struggling and don’t ask for help, they figure we want to go through an experience on our own, no matter how tough it may be, unless we ask for their help and invite them in.

The great news is, because Angels have no egos, no request is too big or too small. A good hair day or a million dollars, it makes no difference to them. Even parking spaces are not too small. I use the parking space Angels all of the time. Angels don’t judge the request. They are just happy to serve us. They honor us deeply for having the courage to incarnate into this human form, because they know it is no easy task.

Now that doesn’t mean we have our very own genie in a bottle that we can command at our every whim. In an enlightened sense we kind of do have this magical enlightened being that is with us to help us navigate our way around this lifetime, just not our every whim. And the great news is, we have more than just our Guardian Angel!

Our Guardian Angel stays with us our entire life, loving us, guiding us, and blessing our wooden heads when we take a wrong turn. We have also found that other Angels may come and go as needed for certain life experiences. But it doesn’t stop there! Oh no! We also have Spirit Guides and Animal Guides, an entire counsel of wisdom we can tap into! The help we have is limitless, and at our finger tips, if we are willing to ask, and invite them in.

So, are you wondering  if there is ever an instance when your Guardian Angel will step in and help even if you don’t ask? Yes! If you are in dire need, and it is not in your Soul Contract to leave here, your Angel will step in and help whether you ask for help or not. They help to keep you on track for your Soul Contract.

How can you not only invite them in, but work with your Angels and Guides more consciously and not just when you need help, I hear you ask? Great question! The easiest way to open that 2-way communication to your Guides is through meditation. Yes, I know, I hear it all of the time, “I try to meditate but I can’t!” My reply: “Can’t or won’t?” Meditation takes practice and commitment. It’s like anything else you try to learn to do. The more you do it, the more you get the hang of it, until it becomes second nature. It is the natural state of the human body after all, but so many of us are not in tune with the natural state of anything, so if you allow it, it will happen.

So, sit back, relax, take a deep breath and remember to INVITE your Angels and Guides in the next time you need help. And they will keep the vampires and any other undesirables away too!

Angel Blessings! ^j^

Connie Jordan


Without You

Well, I guess I am ready to write about what Andrew told me last Saturday. I know for some people it will be like, “That’s it? That’s what got your panties in wad?” But for me, this new information was a big deal! Why? I hear you ask? Well, because the info shared with me is nothing I ever considered before, EVER!

It started with the Usher/David Guetta song, “Without You.” I really liked it when I first heard it. I figured it was mostly the beat to it, a great dance song. There were a few lines in it that hit me. Not all the lines in the song, but definitely a few of them. But yet I knew there was more as to why this song hit me.

While in N Ireland, my last weekend there, my cousin Chrissy and I went out with some of her workmates after we did a charity walk for Northern Ireland Hospice. Our last stop for the night was a neighborhood dance club, they played mostly really oldly/moldy songs from the 50’s-60’s, which is really not my cup of tea. But occasionally the DJ would play a more current song. One being “Without You.” When I heard that one come on, I immediately hit the dance floor. You just can’t stop the boogie or the fever when it hits you!

This song has a connection to Andrew for me. Maybe the line, “I can’t win this game without you,” or “I will never be the same without you.” Whatever the line, I just knew it was a song from Andrew to me. So I got my groove on to that song that night out in Belfast, it was really the only song that moved me to dance that night.

Then last Saturday, May 4th, Martin got a new app for his phone that tells you the song, artist and lyrics when you hold your phone to the speaker. Yeah, I know it’s not a new app, but new to us thanks to Andrew’s home school tutor talking about it on Facebook. We were having fun with it in the car. When “Without You” came on, I asked Martin to use the app because I wanted to make sure it was an Usher song so I could download it. The song came up with David Guetta first, and feature Usher. So later when we got home I decided to look up the video and see who David Guetta was. That’s when it all hit me!

It was the video that was so powerful for me. This David Geutta DJ just knows stuff. He is very in tune. As I watched it, Andrew flooded me with all this info and emotion to where I was a pile of goo! I was so overwhelmed! My head was spinning! I also realized that even though I had never seen the video before, I danced in Belfast like they did in the video, which was another sign that Andrew was connecting with me through this song and video.

What Andrew brought to my awareness during this video, is that it is ME that will be channeling PureHeart! NOT Martin! WHAT?! He’s Psychic Boy, Super Natural Hero! Why me? Andrew/PureHeart told me to quit pretending to be small! I am very powerful and need to be on the frontline along WITH Martin, not just in the background.

Basically, I am the Ester Hicks of this dynamic trio, not Martin. My Light Worker friends know who Ester is. I’m sorry, but that is HUGE info for me! Like my head poppin off my shoulders news! Andrew/PureHeart let me know that this work will be the magnitude of what Ester did with Abraham. You can’t tell me that isn’t overwhelming news!

I always thought it would be Marts doing this channeling stuff, not me! I wish I could put into words what Andrew/PureHeart made me feel. It was more about how he made me feel than what he was telling me. It was so powerful! The only way I can try to explain it, it was like he was kneeling before me, honoring my roll in his Soul’s plan. It wasn’t Andrew honoring his PrettyMama. It was PureHeart honoring his LionHeart (me). Yeah, let that sink in!

Now I know why Martin was dragging his feet about doing weekly PureHeart channels. Because it is ME that is suppose to be doing the channeling. I told Andrew, “ok, I’ll do it even though this is so far from what I’ve done before. I’m not the medium, Daddy is!” But I did tell Andrew that he has to make it effortless for me. I told him that I need a procedure for it. That made him laugh. He was all about his procedures here. I told him that I need to know beyond a shadow of a doubt when I am in channel mode. Well, I do know what his energy feels like, and he is getting me use to it, prepping me if you will, so I don’t cry every time I feel him in my energy when I need to channel. Hahahaha he just told me that now.

Today we were out getting some butter burr for my allergies acting up a bit. I want to take a hair brush to my eyes. As I am getting ready to go into the Vitamin Shoppe, the song, “Without You,” comes on. I hurried up and got my butter burr and got back in the car in time to hear the last bit of the song. As I was leaving the parking lot wondering if I was over reacting to the song, I pull behind a plumber’s van that says what? “Andrew’s Plumbing.” Well that made me laugh! I knew that Andrew was letting me know that it was all real and true. But there was more. He was letting me know he is cleaning my psychic pipes! LOL He is too funny! But there was even more.

Andrew proceeds to tell me that the line in the song, “I can’t win this game without you,” was him saying it to me! NOT me to him! I got a bit choked up about my Avatar son needing ME to help him win this game called life. He let me know I am a very important part of his continued Soul’s journey here. Just because he had to leave doesn’t mean he still doesn’t have work to do here. And I am a very important part of that as well as Martin.

Well, I can’t do any of this without him! And perhaps through these PureHeart channels I will be doing, we can bring people together like in the video, in love, joy and celebration.

So for now I have to be pa pat…crrrrrap! Having a hard time typing p a t i e n t! And wait for Andrew’s furhter instructions.

Video and pic below




Another sign I am on the right track. Andrew is cleaning out the psychic pipes!

Another sign I am on the right track. Andrew is cleaning out the psychic pipes!


This is the video of Martin Ghost Hunting in Ireland at the very haunted Crumlin Road Gaol in Belfast, Northern Ireland.