I think Andrew was trying to help me feel better by giving me some castle signs to remind me what I have waiting for me when I get to leave here.

Sunday on the Family Channel they had the movie “Princess” on. Well, I saw the castle and how a princess helps “mythical creatures” who are injured, so I had to watch!!! I was a bit disappointed that they didn’t show the castle & fairies more but it was cute. Then on Monday at our Weight Watcher’s meeting, the teacher told a story of better food choices of a princess in a castle!! Coinkeedink?? I think not! Yea, Andrew is working hard!!! :-D Even though he’s caused me more heart ache as a teenager than Elatia did, which I did NOT think was ever possible, he’s a good child!


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  1. I am so glad to hear that you are getting more contact from Andrew on your own!!! The connection great & about to get greater!!! I saw Brandon today at Awakenings, he tried to charge me more because Daniel & Andrew were best buds…I thought that was SO cute!! I told them (Brandon & his wife) what you were doing & the songs you guys were getting & they think it’s amazing!!!
    Love ya

  2. Pretty Mama says:

    Yea, you gotta watch that Brandon! He will try anything! LOL Hmmmm maybe I should try and call him AGAIN and see what we can do in Oct. I left a message like he asked me to. Looks like I’ll have to stalk him.

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