Is a phrase that really ticks me off. Actually I find it offensive. Somehow that phrase makes it seem like people who died weren’t good enough for God’s grace, while someone else was? For example, my son. Like Andrew wasn’t good enough for God’s grace so he died?! SERIOUSLY!? Think about it, that is EXACTLY what that phrase means. “By the grace of God I or my child was spared,” like somehow the person who says this is more special than the person that did die? You know I mean business if I use the word died regarding my son. That is a word I NEVER use regarding him. But I am out to make a point here.

So the 41 children that are diagnosed everyday with cancer, and the ones that don’t make it are forgotten by God? Somehow they aren’t good enough for God’s grace?  Or the thousands that crossed on 9/11/2001 were over looked by God too? Like God is sitting up there going, “Nope! not gonna spare you, I don’t think you’re as important as this person over there,” but to someone who survives a tragedy, “yeah, I want to save you, you’re worth my grace.” C’mon! That doesn’t even remotely make sense.

I also have a hard time when someone says, “Well God needed them more with Him, so He took them.” REALLY? The Being that created the entire Universe NEEDS my son, and others like him on the other side because God can’t handle it by Himself? C’mon! Again, that doesn’t even remotely make sense!

When Andrew passed, a friend said, “This must really test your faith.” Martin informed him that it only made it stronger! That’s because we get the bigger picture that religion does not, we didn’t blame God for any of it. We get that there is more at play here than what we can see or comprehend, although we do comprehend more than most. We understand the fact that it isn’t God that decides who stays and who goes, WE do! That’s right, we do! Before we incarnate WE decide when we will leave here, and how we will leave here, not God. God honors our journey and our choices. People need to take responsibility for their lives and experiences! Quit blaming God for everything. Whether you are blaming God for the good or bad in your life, you are still not taking responsibility for your own life.

As hard as it is for me to understand why Andrew wanted to go through this experience, I do understand he did choose to go through it before he came here, and it wasn’t God forgetting about him, or thinking he wasn’t worth saving, while other kids were. Just like we chose to be Andrew’s parents, and be there for him as he went through the leukemia experience. As Andrew showed Martin after he crossed, we didn’t originally want to do this, but he was coming here to go through this experience regardless. We have traveled way too many lifetimes together to not see this one through together as well, even as painful as it was and continues to be. I won’t get the full picture of this whole experience until I cross, but I know it’s bigger than I can imagine, and I know I agreed to this, and it wasn’t God forsaken Andrew.

Now, do I think that we have “helpers” i.e. Angels, crossed over loved ones, Guides, that step in to possibly save your life? Absolutely! If it’s not your time to go, they will step in. A lot times a situation like that will happen to open you up spiritually. Chances are you even set that up in case you forget what you came here to do and learn. For instance, you might have said to your counsel that helps you set up your life here on Earth, “Chances are I’m going to get side track with all of Earth’s distractions, you know the fun stuff, and forget why I’m really there, so I’ll put this experience in here where you can step in to help remind me and get me back on track.” That’s just my opinion, and since this is my blog, that’s what I’m gonna give. I can honestly say that on here, it really is all about me!

So think twice before you say, “by the grace of God…” because God loves everyone the same, no more, no less, and honors ALL of our journeys that WE choose to experience, because after all is said and done, no mater what, in the end…


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  1. Karen T says:

    Damn do I love when you tell it like it is!!

  2. admin says:

    It’s all I know how to do ;-)

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