Busy Boy

Seriously!!! That boy of mine is up to something! He’s got some plans a brewing, and I’m guessing they are pretty big, actually I know they are. I tell ya, I feel like Martin Bohm, Jake’s dad on the amazing tv show “Touch.” Andrew is giving me all these clues through numbers and signs and I have to figure it all out!

So today I make my Martin and I lunch. I come into the living room and notice that the time is 2:02pm, Andrew’s time of birth. He’s been sending that number a lot lately. It just doesn’t mean hello anymore, it’s a sign for a birthing of something. As I sit down, I say the time out loud like we do with 1:11 or 11:11, so Martin can notice it too. For those that may not know, seeing 11:11 or 1:11 or just consecutive 1’s in general means to notice where your thoughts are.

When you see 1’s, notice if you are focused on what you want or don’t want? Because the Universe is taking picture of your thoughts to bring them to you. We think of it as a manifesting number, a chance pay attention to where we put our focus, and make sure our thoughts are on what we want and not on what we don’t want.

We have the music station on while eating lunch, when a Taylor Swift’s song comes on, which might have ruined our lunch except the title of the song is “22.” That’s my destiny number in numerology, and the day Andrew passed. Ok, I’m thinking once again, I gotta pay attention because there’s going to be more, and there was!

The next song comes on and it’s by a band I haven’t heard of before called, Imagine Dragons. Here’s me wha? (Irish expression) Seriously?! Now I know that I really need to pay attention because I have an infinity for dragons. Why? Because I have one that I work with. Yes, you read that right. Dragons, faeries, unicorns, etc are all real, they are just not on this 3rd dimension. If you find this shocking, then you must be new to my blog! ;-) Get out while you can! LOL My posts could push your boundaries of what you thought you knew to be true OR not to be true, like dragons and the Fae. Just sayin. Now that you’ve been warned, read on….if you dare. Mwahahahaha Actually this is the “weirdest,” “out there” paragraph I have, in this particular post anyway. ;-)

Anyway, then to have the word “Imagine” before dragons? “Imagine” being Andrew’s fav John Lennon song? Well, that just solidified it for me that Andrew was sending me yet another message.

Here’s the kicker, what was the title of the Imagine Dragons Song? It’s called “It’s Time.” After the info Andrew gave me Saturday night, that is a very poignant message for me. I guess I better get my seat belt on because this ride is about to get serious, wildly serious!

What was the message from Andrew Saturday night? I am still sitting with it and letting it work me. Let’s just say it knocked my socks off. I’m still wrapping my head around the magnitude of it all!

Andrew wasn’t done yet. I “happen” to look at the clock and the time was 2:12pm. Andrew shows me that one a lot too. I asked him awhile ago why that number. He said, “because your number is a 22, my destiny number is a 1, and since we have work to do together, my number is smack dab in the middle of yours PrettyMama!” Makes perfect sense to me.

So as I was typing this out, I was thinking, wouldn’t it be funny if the next time I look up and the time is 2:22pm? Why 2:22? Well, between my destiny number, the day Andrew passed, and his birth time having 2,s in it, his birthdate is a 12, 2’s are significant for us. While he was in hospital there were world wide healing circles for him at 2:22pm. In Angel numbers, consecutive 2’s mean the seeds of ideas that you’ve planted are about to sprout, so don’t give up before the miracle, which ties into all the other messages Andrew has been sending me lately.

So I forgot about looking at the time, and don’t you know that without even thinking about it, I looked up and the time was 2:22pm! I could feel Andrew laughing. He finds it amusing how I try to connect the dots with his signs. Well, I’m glad he’s amused!

For now I just sit tight, keep paying attention, be open, be ready, and wait for Andrew’s instruction on what I am suppose to do next. Because according to the signs from him today, IT’S TIME! Ahhhhh the joys of being the mother of an Avatar on the other side!


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