Well, it was an amazing day!! Andrew gave us our “get out of jail free card” :lol He was so sweet. He told me “You and Daddy have earned it! Go and have a great time and tell Doreen and Steven that I really wanted to be there to see them.” I know! Awwwwww

It was so incredible to be out of the hospital to begin with but to be able to see Doreen, Steven, Betsy, Sue & Leah again??? Well, there are no words. If felt great to be doing what we do best, teach and entertain others!

We met up with Steven for his sound check. I have to say I was quite impressed with our Steven! Didn’t know he had such a beautiful voice and a beautiful song writer! We had our lighters and cells out for him! :lol We were in the front row with Steven’s niece Julie during Doreen’s talk. She was fun to sit with. Doreen had us hand out books to people during her speech and when I turned around and saw all 750 people!!! :eek I was shocked to say the least! Last time I looked there was just a handful of people!

Afterwards Martin and I were chatting w/people coming up to us. I wasn’t doing readings for people who were looking for mediumship, I had them go to the new ATPs. I didn’t trust myself. BUT I did do a reading for one woman and that was cool. She approached me not wanting a free reading but that she was drawn to me and didn’t know why. We chatted and then the reading in sued and it was fun! I didn’t feel the pressure to perform. ;) Angie, you woulda been proud of me!! Once I chatted with her, I knew why she was drawn to me! She was me! Hiding behind her husband. He’s the writer, he’s this he’s that. I set her straight! :D

Steven’s niece is a phenomenal psychic. She had messages for me from my Uncle Christy and The Madonna (not thee Madonna the singer, the Mother Mary Madonna. :-) ) I had tears in my eyes. She said she doesn’t normally do that. The Madonna wanted me to know that Andrew will be fine, not to worry and that I am a good mother. (*wipes tear* Right?) Uncle Christy kept nudging her to tell me that he loved me! Him and my father in law were hovering around Steven, coveting his 40yr. old Martin guitar! :lol Stage ho’s!!! They are usually on stage with me and Martin too! :lol That’s the dead Irish for you!! :rollin

Martin said he wasn’t going to do readings but this one woman had lost her mother the week before so Martin took a few mins. to give her a few messages from her mother. Martin said he had already seen the mother and knew that he’d be giving her a reading.

It just felt good to be in a normal environment again! Well, our kind of normal! ;) Talking about Angels, Fairies, and DLO (deceased loved ones) :D :D :D :D :D I found I didn’t mind mentioning what was going on with us because it gave me a chance to brag about Andrew. :D I just love talking about him. I suppose you’re wondering what’s going on with him, huh? :D Welllllll…

He’s doing great as usual! ANC is still zero but there is still blips on the radar for it so that’s good and his other numbers are holding, so the ANC should start going up very soon!! I can’t wait!! I want out!! The room mate didn’t come in till sometime on Sat. Me not happy!! There’s a weird smell in the room now. That nasty hospital sickness smell. :x I mean it is pimp slapping my plug in lavender scent!!! :eek :( This isn’t going to work for me!! I’m even spraying Martin’s wizard oil. It will go for a while then it comes back!! Ewwwwwww! We haven’t had that before! I have to say this is wearing on me. We really need our own room!!!:WIZ ……weird, I didn’t add the wizard. It was just here when I came back to continue writing. I was going to delete it but thought hmmmmm maybe I shouldn’t. He’s manifesting our way outta here and home maybe? ;)

Andrew still has his fuzzy wee head! :lol His head is far from shiny. You can see his hair distinctly altho from a distance he looks bald. :\ Hair on his arms and legs?? Pretty scarce but his skin is so smooth. It feels cool, I can’t stop touching it! :lol  Not sure how much he’s likin it but he humors me. He’s a good child. :-)

Andrew had a great time w/my friend and playmate Denise who sat with him while we were gone. I knew they would. They have a lot to talk about!

Life is great!! :D :D :D :D :D :D



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