Martin and I went over to Elatia’s last night for dinner and a bit of Wii fun. Since her boyfriend, J.R., is a professional chef, the dinner was exquisite!

Elatia wanted me to bring over our Wii Resort that has a lot of different sports on it. Andrew’s friends Pat and Daniel helped us break in that game. The fencing was too funny. Daniel was beating the tar outta Martin. It was rather sad to see Martin getting thrown into the water by a 13yo boy over and over again! :-p That’s when I decided to avenge my husband’s humiliation and open a can of whoop ass on Daniel. And that is exactly what I did! I opened a BIG can of whoop ass on Daniel and he was the one going into the water.

Next the boys went onto archery. Now that was something Andrew was really good at from day one. He asked Martin if he could do archery when he was around 11 or 12yo. We found a place and Andrew was just amazing right out of the gate with it. He could even hit a moving target. If you remember, those of you who have been coming here from the beginning, Andrew was back to doing archery again after he crossed. He said it was cool that he could shoot the white stag that came and got him and he’d get back up again, but the stag didn’t bring back the arrows. LOL The boys were having a bit of a hard time with the Wii archery but eventually got the hang of it pretty well, but no bulls eye.

So while we were at Elatia’s playing Wii, I was thinking about how much I missed Andrew being there with us & how much he’d love playing Wii with us that night. Our family night didn’t feel complete to me with Andrew not there physically. I was thinking how unfair it was that he wasn’t there with us.

Not long after my thought of missing him, Elatia plays the archery game. Her 1st or 2nd shot was a bulls eye! No one had gotten one before and it was her first time ever at this game! That got my attention! And her score? 22! It would appear Andrew heard me and wanted to let me know that he was right there with us. He obviously was standing behind Elatia helping her. While I know he is always with us, it’s nice to get the signs from him that he is and feel him too. It makes it more real.

Oh and another sign he gave me last night was the moon phase on my FB page, it was at 22 % full and age 16!


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  1. Karen T says:

    Love the Wii Resort here too. It’s Zach that kicks everybody’s butt in swordplay…LOL.

    I wish everytime you come to mind for more connection between you and Andrew. It makes me happy to read moments when it happens. Thank you again Connie for being as brave as you are with the sharing of your journey here. Hugs again too!

  2. admin says:

    I so LOVE writing about the connection we have w/Andrew now more than the grief. Unfortunately grief is still lurking right around the corner, so instead of trying to ignore it, or medicate it away, I acknowledge it, feel it, & blog it, in order to move thru it. Also I figure that somewhere down the line, it might help someone else that has the misfortune of going thru this kind of grief. I know being a Light Worker that I should be looking at this as some kind of chance at enlightenment or being fortunate, but I am just not at that place yet. It still sucks ass!

    I figure that by blogging all of this, and letting people know that I am working on astral traveling and meeting up with Andrew, not only will it give many hope of connecting with transitioned loved ones, but there will be a HUGE celebration all the way around! Can you even imagine the day I blog about hugging Andrew??!! Everyone will feel that win! ;-)

  3. Karen T says:

    It will be awesome!!

  4. Emma Hill says:

    Archery is an age old game that requires lots of practice and focus if you want to excel on it. ~,`

  5. i used to play archery but quit this sport after i got some elbow surgery.;“

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