instead of buttons and bows. I am finding out that Muck is paying attention more than I think. I have been noticing that more men are trimming their eye brows, like really trimming and grooming them, and not just gay men. So when Martin, Elatia, J.R. and I were out to lunch on Monday after her baby doc appointment, I asked if more straight men were trimming their eye brows. I was wondering because I noticed at work some of the guys do, and yes, some of them are gay but not all. I noticed our male bartender had nicely trimmed eyebrows as well. Didn’t know if he was gay or not, but it made me curious.

Martin has some pretty wild growing eyebrows, a unibrower if you will. Andrew was going that way too, a unibrower as well, but me and Elatia kept him waxed. Elatia shocked him with his first waxing by asking him to come into the bathroom and sit down. Being the good brother that he is and obviously not too bright regarding trusting his sister, you’d think he’d learn after years of older sister abuse, but nope! He goes in, sits down and before he knows it, he’s got hot wax on his face and getting it ripped off! But alas he had 2 defined eye brows. Elatia figured the element of surprise was the best way to go. In the end, Andrew did too.

I never did get my question answered about more guys trimming and grooming their eyeborws. Martin thought I was asking because I was taking a dig at his eyebrows again, but I was not for a change, I was just curious. Well noone had the answer and I let it go. Apparently someone else did not! Yesterday morning Andrew shows up to Martin. Martin is looking at him and trying to figure out what the hell he’s got in his eyebrows. Andrew comes closer and Martin gets right up close to him and sees that Muck has little blue bows in his eyebrows! What?? Jayzus what is Muck playin at now??

Andrew explained that he was trying out the trimming and grooming thing on his eyebrows! He says “What do you think Daddy? That’s how we roll over here!” Andrew was fiddling with the bows like he tied them on. How funny is that!? Martin and I had a good laugh this morning on the patio talking about Muck and his “manscaped” eyebrows! It was a nice way to start our Thanksgiving Day! Laughing with our Muck! He also turned on his fairy light this morning too. He’s a giver!

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