So I started on the floor today at my new job at Olive Garden. I was so nervous about it but things went pretty well. It’s a long freakin day that is fo sho! I gots me some achie breakie feet action going on!

Andrew help keep me straight, especially this one time. *at band camp* (American Pie fans will get that one. Man am I tired!) Anyway, I bring back some dirty dishes and go to put the bread basket (Jeezus these ppl love their bread at Olive Garden!) back with the others, when it goes flying off the shelf. I mean, it took me aback the way it went flying, like someone hit it off the shelf! I grab it and I as I do I feel Andrew’s energy, and I heard, “Mommy dishwasher!” DUH! I’m suppose to put it back by the dish washer! That coulda led to some sort of bread basket gate if someone had seen me put a used bread basket with the clean ones!  It was then I realized it was Muck that smacked it off the shelf. It made me smile and know that my Muck was watching out for me where he can.

So as I leave the lunch shift and go home before my dinner shift, I’m walking to my car and my awareness goes back the bread basket “incident.” I then feel Andrew’s energy and “hear” him say, “How’d ya like the way I bitch slapped your bread basket Mommy!?”  I’m LMAO as I’m walking to my car (it still makes me laugh thinking about it) and answer “Nice one Muck! Thanks!” He says, “I got your back Pretty Mama!” I had to remember he’s 18yo now & that’s something he’d say to me now if he was physically here. I was questioning whether it was him or not because of the bitch slap remark, but then I was reminded of his age in Earth years. ;-)

Now when I say “hear” it’s more like quick thoughts that come into my mind. How do I know it’s Andrew? Because of how I feel when it happens. Never a dull moment my nizzels! :-D


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