I mean it!! This is not for the faint at heart! Turn back now if you haven’t spent a lot of time w/boys! You can’t say I didn’t warn you!!

Martin and Andrew were left alone with their own devices. Never a good recipe leaving 2 boys alone with one having diarreah! :x :lol You just know a disgust fest is sure to follow!So what do they do?? Andrew is having a contest with himself on how long he can get a wet fart to last!! :eek :eek Martin is of course timing him!! :eek What a good Dad! :o Martin is cracking jokes which elude me at the moment, go figure! :rolleyes But it was making Andrew :lol :lol :rollin :rollin so hard which only helped his time!! :x :eek Of course they were more like :dog :dog Way to go!! Nice one!! Ok, it even gets worse! :eek I know hard to believe & yet it does! :x You can still turn away but ya can’t becasue it’s like a train wreck right?? :D So Andrew then explains to me that he was actually farting bubbles!! BROWN BUBBLES!! EWWWWWWW! :x I tried to warn ya!

Oh I know what you’re wondering now, in for a penny in for a pound right?? What was his best time?? Well I’ll tell ya! He said it was 25 seconds but he nearly busted an o-ring getting that time!! :LOL2 :lol :rollin C’mon, if u r still reading this I know u r laughing by now! BUSTED!!

What special father son moments eh??

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