Andrew has always tried to keep the humor up during our journey through grief. Andrew is forever trying to lighten us up, even if we aren’t in a sad mood. He knows how much Martin and I love to laugh and tries to make us laugh at every turn. Even though 10/22/2007 was the most devastating day of our lives, we also see the power in it. We see the power of Andrew’s journey Home, we see the power of the date he left here. Whenever I see the time 10:22 I think of Andrew, not really the devastation, but of him, and who he is now. I feel a connection to him, like he is saying hi to me. I know, it’s weird, but that is how we roll. When we see that time, day or night, we take a moment to connect to our Muck.

So this morning Martin was walking from the living room to the hallway when he feels Andrew behind him and  hears him say, “Daddy look at what time it is.” Martin looks at the time and it’s 10:22am. Then Martin hears, “BOOYAH!” And he sees Andrew laughing. Martin then tells me and then the 3 of us are laughing. It was a nice way start to our day.


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