Geez I need to go to bed! Anyhoo….

FOr those who may not know I am an author. I had a book come out last year called “So These Two Dead Guys Walked Into A Bar.” “My Life In The Paranormal. One Comic’s Perspective.” I’ve gotten rave reviews from around the world, 6 countries to be exact, on it and you can read them on Amazon. DOn’t order it from amazon, order it from me if you want a book. I make NO $$ w/amazon. YOu gotta sell like a gazillion books to make like  $23.42, ok, maybe a slight exaggeration but not much. Damn lost my train of thought AGAIN! Oh yea, I was pushed, shoved, harrassed, into writing the book by a Greek Orthodox priest. How does one get a Greek Orthodox priest to harass a WItch?? Dunno, it’s a gift I have I guess. :-)

 Oh yea, my point, I’m sitting to close to the Glades vanilla/lavender plug in my niece brought us I think, I’m getting swept away by the aroma of it or is it because it’s 5:30a.m. and in desperate need of sleep. Either way my point again. Before I get harassed by the Greek Priest, I decided that me, Martin and ANdrew are going to write a book. I got the title today. Actually Adrew came up w/the title unwittingly. SO here it is “Life Is A Game I Never Want To Stop Playing.” “One 16 yr. old’s Sacred Healing Journey of Luekemia.” Sooo what do ya think?? Feel free to comment here but only if you love the idea. If not, don’t bother puttin nothing! I mean it! This a Postive Speak Zone ONLY!! :-)


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3 Responses to BOOK’EM DANO

  1. Leah Clark says:

    Absotively, posolutely you should write a book! And I think the title is AWESOME!!!

  2. Elatia says:

    I think that’s a very powerful title!

  3. jessica says:

    I wrote what I thought on your other page, im sure you got it I just wanted to make sure you seen it! Its an awesome title and a wonderful idea!!!! Go for it babe….as you know you can do anything!!!!! :0)

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