Martin was on commercial reading tonight on the psychic line he works on, with someone who was looking for a medium. YAY! This reading wasn’t going to be about the usual loser relationship that most people call about, but don’t want to hear the truth about. Oh no, this was instead about some transitioned loved ones. Oh goodie! Finally real reading!

Martin picked up on the caller’s mother and father, then Martin sees this very dark energy. It was a big black blob with tentacles coming from it is the way Martin described it to me. While it looked really scary, Martin could feel it was not malice. He called in Andrew/Pureheart for extra insurance while he dealt with this boogity boogity energy. I say this because this energy more or less was saying boogity boogity to Martin trying to scare him, trying to see what he was made of. When Martin didn’t scare easy, it then went on to tell Martin, and I quote, “Don’t “mess” with my friend or you will have to deal with me!” Ok, it didn’t actually say “mess,” it said a more stern word beginning with F. This still didn’t scare Martin, it just made him more curious as to who or what this energy really was. Like I have said in my comedy act, “He’s like a cat with a lizard” when it comes to odd paranormal going ons. He likes to play with them and see what they are all about until they bore him.

When Andrew/PureHeart walked in, he was dressed in all his PureHeart regalia, his white robes with a green sash, and the PureHeart symbol on his forehead. Martin said he looked stunning. PureHeart nonchalantly walks past this entity and stands to the side to watch his Da, like a cat with a lizard, to see how his Da is going to handle this “dark” entity. Martin doesn’t disappoint Andrew/PureHeart, as this entity didn’t disappoint Martin. Martin starts communicating with this entity, don’t let the skinny body fool you! Martin has NO FEAR dealing with any kind of spirits! When the entity sees Andrew/PureHeart, it says, “Is that your son?” Martin said, “Yes he is.” It then says,”Wow! He is amazing! So much love!” Martin says, “I know.” And I’m sure Martin was thinking, “Yeah, try and “mess” with me now Mr or Ms Boogity Boogity! BOOYA!” Always a smart idea to egg on an entity, who does he think he is? Zach from Ghost Adventures!? LOL

Upon further communication, Martin finds out that this “scary dark entity” is actually this caller’s friend who recently passed. Martin picked up that this friend crossed from an impact to the chest. The caller confirmed that her friend, a female, was shot in the chest 3 times. You guessed it, she didn’t live in a great neighborhood. Her friend promised her before she passed on, that she would protect her, and she certainly was doing that! Martin even picked up the nickname this Spirit called the client. This Spirit told Martin that her friend is very psychic, and therefore very open, and needs protection until she has a better handle on it. Her friend appears as a dark scary entity to see if the psychic is any good, and if not, scare them away.

This caller said she feels this “dark energy” around her but doesn’t feel like it’s negative, that she felt very comfortable with it. She also told Martin that she sees spirits, and the indentations they leave on her bed. When Martin told her what her friend was doing, she said that made total sense and validated what she had been feeling when in situations that aren’t, well, let’s just say of not the highest vibrations. She was so excited to get the validation of what she was feeling, and that her friend was indeed watching out for her.

Martin explained to the caller that her friend hasn’t completely crossed over yet because she wanted to make sure she was protected first. And when she does completely cross over, her friend’s energy will still be around her, but feel much lighter. The caller was so excited that she found Martin and got the validation and information she needed to move forward.

Now that my friends, is the kind of reading that makes Martin love his job, even with the boogity boogity energy! That kind of energy only makes it that much more interesting for Martin.

This reading could have been an episode of “Ghost Whisperer!” All scary in the beginning, but all about the love in the end. Proving once again that…”Only Love Is Real!”


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    Hey Babe
    Love the blog. I’m glad I could give you something. Lova ya!

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    you need to give me more! I know you got more stories!

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