First before I forget, Andrew reminded me today exactly what he said yesterday about this being an opportunity. We were discussing Andrew’s wish for the Children’s Wish Foundation. They ask for 3 incase they can’t do the first one. So we were saying that w/o a doubt the #1 wish he would’ve had last year would’ve been to go to Australia Zoo and meet Steve Irwin. Andrew then said “Too bad this opportunity didn’t happen sooner.” I just thought it was very intersting that chose that word and didn’t choose “this illness”, or ” this disease” but this “opportunity” instead. He really chooses his words wisely & carefully. What adult, let alone any kid would call this an opportunity??!! He is amazing indeed!

On to the great news!!! HE HAS ZERO, ZIP, NADA, NO, BLAST CELLS!!! Oh you know a doggie dance is in order:dog as well as kitty:CATand :hula While that is fantastic news, we’re not outta the woods yet. He had no blast cells the last time when we went home, so no exhaling for me yet. SO let’s pray this is PERMANENT!!!! Like I said before, they will watch him for 7-10 days to see if his numbers stablize. Then we might be able to go home again for 6 days, maybe not. Only time will tell. What ever is best for Andrew is what we want. We’re not fussed either way now.

What they will do after the week of chemo he has to go thru before the tranplant to get his numbers down to zero, (yup!isolation time. We’ll be behind those doors I didn’t want to be behind) is first give him a transfusion of stem cells from the donor.  It’s like getting blood, easy enough right? Oh dare to dream! Stem cells know to go to into the marrow. Smart little boogers they are! :-) We have to pray that his marrow does not reject it. If that takes then he’s done & he recovers for a few weeks to a month in hospital. If not, then they have to do the bone marrow transplant which I think is rougher on the donor than the patient but that could be my mama gene denial rearing it’s pretty lil head. :-) I’m happy with that so leave me alone! It’s how I cope!

One good thing about the transplant is that he won’t be needing chemo for a year after it like he would’ve before w/o a transplant. We will just have to come up once a week for labs. Again I could be in denial, not just a river in Egypt but also my state of mind lately! And I may have my selective hearing in high gear as well so keep that in mind too. You have been warned! We will have to be very careful with him making sure he stays healthy. The ever so slightest thing, like even a shiver, and they will put him in the hospital for observation. We have to watch him very closely.

Today is his last day of chemo for a few weeks!! Just 2 more pushes of it at 5a.m. & 5p.m.!! :belly We’re excited about that!!! Let’s throw some magickal Wizard energy in with it :WIZ to help remission stick FOREVER! Oh the fairies want in! They love helping so we’ll throw in some fairy magick too! :FAIRY AND with all the prayers and :LOVE being sent our way we know we can make leukemia :POOF disappear FOREVER!!! Not to mention we have the luck of the :irish :clover on our side! Can’t forget the hundreds of thousands of :ANGELS2 :ANGELS3 Add a little :dragon power and we have a recipe for success people!!


Magickal Blessings!

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