That is what we are finding with Andrew. He is giving Martin information in bits and pieces as he feels we are ready to hear it. Martin being Psychic Boy, Super Natural Hero, :-D he is always looking beyond what is and seeing what really is going on beyond this dimension. When “they,” Andrew and other A.M., see that Martin is seeing more than what is, they give him the info.

Now that you have that set up, here is an example…

Martin was reading an email a client had sent him. In it she mentioned that she too went through the leukemia experience with her daughter 5 yrs ago. She said she hesitated about writing as not to cause Martin any more pain. She went on to say what had happened with her daughter before she went for the stem cell transplant. Martin is reading this hearing the woman’s voice in his head, as he goes on to read how right before the transplant, her daughter’s numbers went up and did not need the transplant, her voice then turned into Andrew’s voice and it’s not her email he is hearing in his head anymore. It is Andrew’s voice explaining what had happened with him. Andrew felt Martin was ready to hear it and validate what Martin had been feeling for awhile now.

Andrew went on to say that is what would have happened to him. He would not have needed the transplant and would have pulled through. Andrew’s last LP had NO leukemia cells which means what? Not remission but CURED! Andrew was actually cured of leukemia! The day Andrew left, his numbers were in deed high enough to come home for 2 weeks before transplant. The docs would have watched him to see how he was doing closer to the transplant date. They’d rather have the date set and cancel than to not have it set and need it.

Here’s the deal, if Andrew pulled through he said he would have left suddenly, no warning, no illness which might have been even harder after pulling through all that he did. Martin said Andrew told him that all the healing energy Martin continued to send him even after he was told “no more!” by the Spirits that showed up the day he left, Andrew spread that energy throughout the hospital to other children.

Andrew in deed was not suppose to last as long as he did. He was suppose to leave in the PICU the first time as Andrew had said before. Martin told me today of a conversation he had with Andrew’s renal doc. The doc didn’t think Andrew would last 2 days let alone leave the PICU. 70% of Andrew’s blood was sludge from the 450,000 white blood cells. Thinking back it is amazing what he pulled through. That is why it was such a shock even to the docs, that he passed. The infection was nothing compared to everything else he came through!

So all the work that we did in the hospital did in deed work. We cured Andrew! But that was not to be the plan. Yes, western medicine was a part of all this too, but they didn’t think he would even make it out of the PICU. If we weren’t who we are and do what we do, Andrew would not have made it out of the PICU the first time. We would not have had the amazing last 4 months with him that we did. Andrew reminded Martin that he was very happy in the hospital, he had everything he wanted, we were very close, and we had a great time together.

Martin admitted that if he knew at the time that Andrew would have pulled through and not needed the transplant when he crossed, he would have been looking for necks to ring. He would have been even more pissed than he was that Andrew left. AA Michael got an ear full as it was! But Andrew decided that this was the easiest time for us for him to leave. It was destined to be, it was part of our contract. He already stayed longer than the original plan. I guess when the powers that be weighed it up, our Higher Selves included, the extra few months gave Andrew the opportunity to reach more people.

Martin also saw Andrew’s contract and we agreed prior to incarnating that Andrew would NOT come back, I would not allow it. Some have thought maybe he would come back as our grandchild, I knew that would not happen. Now I know why. I wouldn’t agree to lose my son only for him to just come back! That’s just craziness! Then nothing in this Universe would make sense!! And it’s not a Universe I want to live in! I would feel like the butt of a very cruel joke! Thankfully that is not the case. Muck is to stay on the Other Side as we continue our work together. He will be very close to any grandchildren we may have. So close that they may even do some of the things he did. I can live with that.

It was no coincidence that Martin got that email today. Andrew used it to explain more of what happened. Of course if Andrew could’ve stayed, I’m guessing he wouldn’t have gotten that diagnosis. That we will never know.

As hard as this has been on me, I do know that Andrew has been able to touch so many more lives around the world by being on the Other Side. I do find some comfort in that. Especially when I get the stories of the profound encounters people have with him. It’s pretty cool.


PS Swati had surgery today on an ovarian cyst Feb 18th please keep her in your prayers.

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4 Responses to BITS AND PIECES of TRUTH

  1. Leah Clark says:

    Wow – I never cease to be amazed at the info that comes through from youse guys. I feel very privileged to be a part of all this knowledge! I had no idea Swati was having surgery! Must be why she’s been on my mind all day. I will be praying for her.

  2. Karen T. says:

    Absolutely agree with Leah….and also feel very privileged! Thank you for sharing everything that you do Connie.

    Praying for Swati.

  3. Jane says:

    (((Connie))) – your energy feels different. I can feel the acceptance that what has happened was meant to. Very calm and peaceful.

    I am glad that Andrew was able to impart this and that you and Martin were ready to hear it. That’s HUGE.

    Love you heaps.

    Also sending Swati healing energy.

  4. admin says:

    It has been a blessing for us to have you all on this journey with us. I know it hasn’t been an easy one. A lot of people didn’t have the guts to stay so Martin and I really appreciate the fact that you did. You not only stayed but have been a great support. Your encounters with Andrew Leah are awe inspiring.

    You know Jane, here’s hoping. I still have my moments of anger and despair but they are not as intense as they use to be. I don’t try and hide from these moments, I just go with it and ride it out. Maybe that is why I haven’t been sick non stop since all of this happened. It’s a process and if I don’t fight it it won’t take as long to get through. It still takes years tho to feel like your getting through it. As John Edward says, “You never get over the loss of a child, you learn to get through it.” I’m still learning.

    Martin and Andrew are making me a meditation cd specifically to connect w/Andrew. Something I can do everyday. It takes practice and I haven’t been doing it. Having the cd made maybe I’ll commit everyday to meditating. Only good things can come of it! You’d think that would be my motivation.

    Group ((((HUG)))))

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