That is what Andrew said to Martin a few weeks back regarding what we are doing with the concerts. When Martin asked “What?” Andrew said, “Do the math Daddy.” lol Just like Martin use to say to Andrew when helping him with his math. Tables are turned now and I’m sure Andrew is loving it!

I have a lot of posts to catch up on since da family was here but since Sarah brought up about the amazing things Andrew is doing, I thought I would start with this post first.

We did 2 concerts this past weekend. They were, shall we say, an intimate gathering? Yea, that’s what we’ll say. While they are intimate, it does not take away from them how powerful they are. The owner of Under The Gypsy Moon, Tesha, her husband was deeply touched by Andrew just watching the video of him playing the guitar in the PICU that’s on my myspace page. He said watching that video just shifts his energy after a stressful day. He said you can feel Andrew’s energy and how powerful he is. So you can imagine what the concert did for him and Tesha. They fell in love with Muck before they even booked anything with us. Muck sold them on us!

Martin talked to a few people outside and found they had an energy shift during the concert. Another woman that was there has signed up for everything we are doing at Under The Gypsy Moon. While our shows are still sm… I mean intimate, ;-) they are having an impact. It’s good for us to start this way as to get our footing and get use to performing the songs and telling the stories. Hey the Jonas Brothers’ concerts started with only 10 people!

Our show on Saturday Andrew’s massage therapist, Betsy, showed up w/her boyfriend. It was great seeing her again. It’s great having people that knew Andrew in the hospital at the concert. Betsy just adored Andrew and agrees with what we say about him. It just confirms that it’s not because we are the grieving parents, but Andrew is truly that exceptional. Her boyfriend gave us a phenomenal gift. He dives and digs for fossils and such. He gave us a 3 1/2 million yr old fossil with a calcite crystal that looks like it was in an egg that he found. We were the 2nd pair of human hands that ever touched it! I was even buzzing a bit holding it.

Hearing stories how Andrew is impacting peoples’ lives around the world is amazing. It does help me. It doesn’t mean I still don’t have my moments. The past few days have been hard on me with not having family around, I really miss them being here, and things being difficult again. It’s draining. For Easter it was just me and Martin. We did take Wes to the movies before he had to go home but we hardly saw him all week. For “Easter” dinner Martin had left over pizza and I had rice w/refried beans and salsa. How sad is that? No family, Elatia was working a double so it was just Martin and I. The more time goes on, the holidays mean less and less. Martin and I both feel like, “Who cares? We don’t.”

I do try and focus on the shows and the impact they are having but sometimes they aren’t enough. I just want to hug my son! But I guess this too shall pass…for awhile anyway.


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  1. Karen T. says:

    And I let it slip my mind to say”Happy Easter” while there. :( It was a short but sweet visit though. Aly loves putting on her mascara and lip gloss each day. She says you are the sweetest for helping her look beautiful like that. And I just felt the need to see you guys…oh, and Merlin. ;) Hope it wasn’t a bother…well, Zach’s need to be into things may have been, either way. Hugs for you both!!

  2. admin says:

    Oh please, the last thing you needed to say was Happy Easter. I had forgotten what day it was by that time anyway. Zach was fine, he listened. He’s a busy guy, always smiling, lots to see and check out. Everything is new to him. Before long he’ll be the one saying “Geez that kid is busy!”

    So glad Aly is enjoying her makeup. I’m sure Zach will be donning some soon too if not already. :-D Andrew allowed Elatia to do him up. I have pics in his room where he’s wearing bright red lipstick and smiling for the camera! No, he wasn’t 16, he was still in diapers….so he was 14! LOL *ducks etheric smack from Muck* It really is hard to believe just how fast those days go.

  3. Karen T. says:

    Zach will not let her touch him with that stuff…LOL

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