I was working Andrew’s 3rd grade Halloween party. Another one of my fav holidays! I just LOVE dressing up!

For this party I decided to dress up as a stereotypical Witch.I KNOW! You’d think I’d learn! But I don’t! I put on the green face, the wicked ugly nose, glued hair to some made up warts, ok a zit, let’s move on, the hat the whole 9 yards. The only thing missing was my little dog too! Ok and my broom. That wouldn’t happen today let me tell ya! I need grandkids now!

As I am signing in at the main office in all my regalia, a mother from the same class comes in and says “Oh I didn’t know we were suppose to dress up.” I then say “OMG! Were we suppose to?” LOL

I go to Andrew’s class and the teacher, who we were not fond of, hits me as soon as I get there about Andrew’s behavior. Seriously? Is this woman blind?? She was going on about that if I wasn’t working the Halloween party, Andrew wouldn’t be able to participate in the party due to his behavior. I don’t get it, we don’t have a problem with Andrew. He’s a good boy at home! What is the school’s problem with him? We’d find out a few years later!

As she is talking to me, not a scheduled conference to discuss my son’s behavior or there lack of, I’m there for a party mind you, I feel the green make up melting down my face! We are in freakin Florida after all! I am standing there yet again in a ridiculous outfit with hairy warts, I said let’s move on, long, ugly, rubber nose, having to defend my son’s honor. I was so tempted to start slowing falling down and yelling “I’m melting, I’m melting!”

It was then, as I was about to do that, that the social worker, that knew us very well, came out and saved the melting Witch! He told the teacher that this time was NOT appropriate, I was there to help with a party NOT discuss my son’s behavior! This is why parents don’t want to come in and volunteer for class activities is because of this very thing! You go Social Worker Dude! YAY! So I got to go in and enjoy my son and the Halloween party I came to work!

Just another day as Andrew’s Mother.

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7 Responses to BEWITCHED!

  1. Karen T. says:

    And people wonder why I will be homeschooling! My mother walked in for open house day during my 4th grade year to over hear the teacher saying to another that she wondered if that “dingbat Karen Behl’s mother would be coming in today”…oh did it get ugly!!

  2. Leila says:

    don’t get me started on some teachers!!! not all- for my kids had some fabulous, gifted, loving teachers. Yay for the social worker!!! and Yay for you for being such a fun, loving mom.

  3. Swati says:

    [quote] “dingbat Karen Behl’s mother would be coming in today”…oh did it get ugly!! [/quote]

    Oh yikes!! I can’t even imagine that one!

  4. Dana says:


    I then say “OMG! Were we suppose to?” LOL


    I LOVE that one!

    Amen to the homeschooling! I could write my own book on the poor teaching in both public and private schools! *gets steamed thinking about it!* Unless you are a mindless sheep willing to follow the Powers That Be Who Know So Much More Than You Do! – you are a target for these A-Holes! >:-(

  5. Pretty Mama says:

    It’s a shame because there are such great teachers out there that are squashed by the old system of teaching. And there are those that shouldn’t be teaching at all! Andrew’s 1st grade teacher was the best! She was in her 50’s and was just a doll. But 2nd, 3rd and 4th were just horrible! Tooo muggle!

  6. Dana says:

    Katrina’s kindergarten teacher was amazing! 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th – well, I pulled her out of school one month into the 5th grade. They were ALL disasters! And we changed schools EVERY YEAR thinking we would finally find a good school/teacher! It never happened!

    Fortunately, now that she is in college, she’s only come across one professor that she didn’t like – and she still got a B+ in the class (she mostly gets A’s!)

    Our schools need a MAJOR overhaul! I cannot believe how even recent high school graduates cannot speak properly, spell properly, or even read above a 5TH GRADE LEVEL *shocked face* It’s terrible!

  7. Leila says:

    When we first moved to the beach, Sara’s 5th grade teacher was the meanest B**** (ok it’s time for some forgiveness on my part! LOL) was so mean to her that I finally had to *educate* her on how to build up a child’s self esteem instead of tearing it down!. The day after the first (even though I saw her daily because I walked Sara to class because she hated it there!) *open house-parent teacher-get to know each other night* She said to my daughter in front of the whole class “Sara, your mother was the only mother who didn’t show up last night!” Sara came home in tears saying mummy you said you were there last night where did you go??? I WAS THERE!!!! B**** and even spoke with her! Later Sara & a friend worked on a project together and they got an A. The same teacher said to Sara (again in front of the class) that if it weren’t for her partner she wouldn’t have received an A because she was not as talented. That was it!!! That’s when I *schooled* her!

    On a positive note about teachers ;-) When Maya was in high school two of her teachers came to me for sessions. One was going back to school herself to create change in the school system-sort of a teacher’s teacher-for she knew that the current system is failing. (I also gave her the Indigo book too. Pretty sure she herself is an Indigo :-))

    I currently don’t hold a lot of hope for our schools. Perhaps when we honor and pay our teachers more than they currently earn. Perhaps when our teachers are educated (and get it!) how to teach, encourage, inspire and honor our children not criticize, scream, belittle, abuse, and try to fit the kids into a box. When we add back programs for our schools instead of cutting. Perhaps when our schools are a safe place for our children and our teachers. Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps. :-/

    *climbs off soap box*

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