Of life! I drove home tonight so I could take care of a few things and get Andrew his new cell phone tomorrow. As I was driving I was thinking about how wonderful these past few days have been. Andrew has been doing so much better this 2nd time around as we thought he should since he wasn’t going in sick this time. It’s even amazing how he didn’t have his usual side effects from the “red donna” chemo he gets on day 1, 3 and 5. He gets very tired and nauseous. He had none of that today! He was feeling really good! He was even eating tonight! We had a litttle picnic date. :-) I went to the cafeteria and got us a roast bf sandwch (it’s really good there) w/fries and some delicious chicken wings. We ate as we watched “Gene Simmons Family Jewels” and we were LOAO! I just love Nick, Gene’s son, he’s so funny and I can appreciate funny! ;-) He sez “I hope I get voted off this week!” LOL

Anyway it just feels like ALL the energy work that we’ve done and everybody else has been doing is really paying off! We are finally seeing the results! I always put the stickers on the chemo bag, but I’ve been also holding the bag and cylinder a lot more, every chance I get and genuinely feeling the love and gratitude for the chemo for saving my son’s life. As they say in The Secret, it’s the FEELING that makes the difference. And I really FEEL so much gratitude and love for chemo now. It’s not the enemy. And I still hold his IV lines and say my usual “His body only uses what it needs and releases the rest w/GRACE AND EASE!!” And that’s exactly what is happening now! Long may it reign!

His ANC #’s are now down to 134 from 80,000 on Wed. (1500-1800 is normal) So he’s coming down nicely. And he’s still feeling energetic which is weird! Now the next 5 days are the less chemo treatments.

So it’s really nice to finally feel like we’re in the flow of life! Seeing the fruits of ALL our labors!!

Thank you all!!!


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