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Martin and I were talking about Andrew this a.m., shocking I know! :-) As we talked about him, the next lesson started to unfold. We were talking about how no matter what, Andrew was ALWAYS true to himself. When his friends made fun of him for liking John Denver, he didn't care. Now, his friends were never mean about it, but they would raz him about it. He was ALWAYS the voice of reason even when his friends made fun of him for that too. He didn't care, he knew what was right for him and he NEVER wavered from that! Even when he was younger.

About 5 yrs. ago he was at his friend's house and there were several neighborhood kids there as well getting ready to go fishing. One boy had a bebe gun & was shooting at lizards. This upset Andrew a lot. He was a big Steve Irwin fan. He loved reptiles and didn't like random killing of anything...well, except bugs. Understandable. SO the kids go fishing. My friend Lori, the mother of Andrew's friends comes into the house only to find Andrew sitting on the couch! She asked him why he didn't go fishing and he said because on kid had a bebe gun and that wasn't safe! She thought that was the funniest thing! What kid is that responsible at 10 or 11?? Ummm my kid! :-)

So Andrew wants you to know that it is ok to be true to you! Even if it's not the popular thing to do! My friend in So-Cal, who is a children's play therapist, was recently harassed about leaving a comment about my book on Amazon because of the conservative field she is in. My book is extremely metaphysical and my stage name is Witchy Woman. A client of the practice who is religious was complaining that she left a comment about a Witch book, which it is not. Ignorance irritates the living crap outta me!

My friend decided to not withdrawal her comment and also NOT apologize for it either. She said she feels free and decided it was time to come out of the spiritual closet about her spiritual gifts. She knows her gifts will help the kids she will be working with. She thanked me for my book. I thank her for BEING TRUE TO HERSELF & not letting the conservative mentality stand in her way of her heart's desire! Her gifts and her courage not to follow the norm will help so many misunderstood Indigos and Crystal children! Kudos to you!! Yes, I was careful not to use your name but you know who you are! :-)

CHOOSE JOY! AND ALWAYS BE TRUE TO YOU!! You are the best Muck!!

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  1. Swati says:

    That is so hard for a kid to do…or for that matter even for an adult to do. “Staying true to yourself even when it is not the popular thing to do”. A lesson to be remembered always. Thank you Andrew!

    Hugs to you Connie and also to you Martin.


  2. Anna Taylor says:

    Sooooooooo true and soooooooo good to hear!! People often think I’m bananas for believing what I believe and my family and others often why I dont just “get a job” but I know doing what they want me to do is NOT me and that doing what I LOVE is more important!!!

    YAY for Andrew and all the lessons he taught and is still teaching!

    Hugs to you all,


  3. Lisa Selow says:

    That really made an impact on me. I’ve been hearing for so long to be true to me. I’ve always felt painfully different, especially as a kid. What Andrew’s story here taught me is that it’s not too late to be the real me. I thought for a long time that I should have learned that being true to myself lesson a loooong time ago. I must be a late bloomer ’cause here I am at age 35 finally being comfortable enough to take those small steps to being the real me :) It feels like if Andrew can do it, I can do it. Thank you, Andrew. And, also, thank you Connie and Martin for being his parents…Love you guys, Lisa

  4. Sue says:

    Thank you, Andrew for being true to who you are….

    And as far as your friend goes who posted an Amazon comment on your book goes, how wonderful to step forward into her power (and what was that woman doing snooping around looking at what she comments on anyway????)

  5. Leonore Schuetz says:

    Dear Connie,
    You know, of course, that you have another book in the making here (Andrew jumping up and down: Hurrah!)

    Thank you, Connie, Andrew and Martin for being examples of being true to yourselves.

    The message I’m getting about it for me is that I had to see all the sides of hiding oneself (why it can be wise protection when you’re very young and then it gets out-of-hand, etc.) so that I can more fully understand, have compassion and help others in their process of being true to themselves.

    I’m glad you don’t mind sharing Andrew. :-)

    I had a fantastic initiation/healing/multi-cellular alignment/??? spontaneous session with Archangel Rafael yesterday in meditation. It was the first time I felt-experienced “his” presence so strongly.

    I think that my small witnessing of your journey was a large part of the reason why that happened.

    God bless you, Connie.

  6. admin says:

    WOW Leo!! I am so deeply touched how Andrew’s journey is so powerful for others! It helps me to make sense of all that has gone on!

    Some people have thought that by losing Andrew physically that it would shake our beliefs & faith when in fact it has only solidified them!


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