Only this time it wasn’t Martin being taken to school for a change! It was actually a friend of ours, Karen, that was. While I don’t have the full details of her encounter with Andrew on Monday, I’ll give you the information I do have.

She was looking at a 150 acre property of one of her clients in Pennsylvania that he is selling, when Andrew showed up. She saw Andrew next her. The way she described him is exactly the mannerisms that he has. Karen knew Andrew while he was here but not to the extent to know his mannerisms, especially now. He was in his usual camo shorts and dark t-shirt. She would ask him questions and he would go all “Grasshopper” on her! LOL

Karen said to Martin, “He’s so irritating! Does he NOT answer your questions as well and make you figure things out for yourself too?” Martin’s reply? “YUP!” He is so annoying like that! ;-)

Karen was feeling such a connection to this property. She could see it as a retreat for ill children AND their parents! We all know how I feel about the parents of sick kids, the forgotten heroes. I am so down with a retreat that pampers these parents and gives them the tools to deal with the stress of illness or the grief of a loss.

Karen asked for a sign from Andrew that this property is something to consider. Her “baby daddy,” for lack of a better term, said, as they looked at the property, “I can so feel Martin, Andrew and Connie’s energy here.” While unusual for him to feel something like that, Karen told Andrew, “Nice try, but you know what I want to see!” She asked him for a white stag, which we all know are so common in Pennsylvania! X-D

As they are driving down the road to get a bite to eat, where do they pull into? A place called the “White Stag Inn” with a big statue of a white stag out front! She tunes into Andrew and he’s standing there with his arms out and says “That’s all I got!” :-D Pretty impressive if you ask me!

Anyway, I have asked Karen for her notes on her encounter with Andrew. She was so excited about her time with Andrew, she called us early (for us) Tuesday morning, which is unusual for her! Well, getting a call from her anytime is unusual! lol Sorry Karen, but you know it’s true! ;-) Love you! But when I get the full story, you will have it too!


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