Back to School…. Again!

We had a psychic party yesterday and as we are getting ready, Martin is telling me how Andrew will be running around in his camo shorts and a t-shirt with different sayings on them. Martin is talking so nonchalantly about it. I guess he sees this all of the time. So yesterday Andrew had on a new t-shirt. I was thinking it was going to be like some really profound, Avatar sayings on his t-shirts that maybe we can market, right? WRONG! Yesterday’s t-shirt said “WHO’S YOUR DADDY?” with a picture of Martin underneath it! ROFLMAO! The things Muck does to keep us laughing and happy! He still is and will ALWAYS be our Mucker

Martin and I were coming home from the psychic party last night. We talked about many things, but among the topics was how Andrew comes through in readings or who he sends in if it’s not his field of expertise. Plus he likes introducing Martin to some of his friends on the Other Side. Andrew is always creative with the information he gives Martin, as we have seen over the past nearly 2 yrs. *sigh*

Martin said during one reading it was getting difficult. He was being taken to a place he didn’t want to go. He was smelling things that he just knew weren’t a fun place to be. Andrew saw Martin struggling with it and Andrew jumps into Martin’s body! Martin said he then started smelling Andrew’s after shave and he was feeling much better. What does Andrew say?? “Your welcome Daddy! Love the skin I’m in!” ROFLMAO! ;-)

So as Martin and I continue with our conversations in the car, we had an hour drive, we discuss how we have NEVER seen anyone walk their talk, practice what they taught, like Andrew did! NO ONE! BAR NONE! Martin went on a wee bit of a rant about how just ONCE he would like to see someone walk their talk before he leaves this planet. Just ONCE!

As he continues on with his wee rant, I hear Andrew. So when Martin pauses to take a breath finally. I say, “You have…*pregnant pause for effect*… US!” I proceed to tell him that Andrew was telling me that WE have been walking our talk, WE have practiced what we taught. I got a bit teary eyed as I was feeling Andrew but I had to stay focused on the road. Then I went on to tell him, “Especially YOU!”

Martin was silent as he let those words sink in. He realized Andrew was right… duh! When is he not, especially now!Taken to school yet again!

So what is the lesson here kiddies? Quit looking outside of yourself and look within, it’s ALL there! A whole magnificent Universe of knowledge lies within us ALL! Ponder that!


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2 Responses to Back to School…. Again!

  1. Karen T. says:

    Pondering that is soooo exciting! I continue to look and learn and with help from you guys and Andrew’s teachings, plus a few other wonderful people in my life, it’s pretty darn awesome some days.

    Love to you, Martin and Andrew for walking it like champs!!

  2. admin says:

    Obviously that was a message from Andrew cause I’m still working on being able to do that! So glad we are able to help you learn what is possible through our journey.

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