Thank you all for continuing to hold the space of Andrew’s perfect health! With so many doing so I know he will breeze thru the transplant!

I mean, this round of chemo could’ve had a lot more serious side effects but instead it was just a fever, nausea, and headache for 2 days off and on. Considering the possibilities we got off lucky! He’s been feeling great again even with ZERO white cells. His hemoglobin is down a bit and his platelets too but he’s still feeling great!

I was watching ER tonight and was actually understanding all the numbers they were shouting out!! :lol I said to Andrew “WOW Muck, her hemoglobin is 12.4! And her platelets are 300,000!! Dare to dream!” :lol His hemoglobin is 8.something and his platelets were 35,000 last count.

Andrew and Martin were making fun of the fact that he has no white cells. They were like “Hello? *echo echo* Anyone in there?? Come out, come out where ever you are!” :lol SO now we play the waiting game. Once his numbers hit close to 500 we’re home till Nov 5th….unless his numbers don’t come up till then, then we just go into isolation. :( BUT we know that won’t be the case!! We plan on being home for Halloween. I’m dressing as a Witch (yea, I know a real stretch but wait) wearing a stethoscope to make myself a Witch Dr. :lol :lol You already know what Andrew will wear & if you don’t then you haven’t been keeping up now have you! Martin will be Jack Sparrow.

Andrew was still having headaches early today (Thurs) until Martin came in this a.m. He did some hypo talk with him and no headaches the rest of the day so back to his feeling great self. :D :D :D :D :dog :hula

So I’m looking forward to picking up Betsy, Doreen Virtue’s asst. Friday night from the airport and seeing Doreen and Steven on Sat along with all the ATP’s & friends that will be at ICDI in Tampa. It will be great for Martin and I to be away from the hospital for a few hours TOGETHER!! WoOt WOot! :CAT :dog :hula

We got Nana Springsteen coming up Friday afternoon. Let’s see what she’ll be this tme! :-) A giant Life Savor? Perhaps the wiener dogs gone wild?? Or maybe a giant blueberry or Nana Smurf? It will be a surprise!! It makes Andrew happy and it’s good fotter for me in the middle of the night! :-)


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