First the good news……
He was especially giddy today. When his night nurse came in he greeted her with a “Wot up dawg??” :lol He’s been singing his replies again, eating well and his wit? SHARP! Surprised he hasn’t cut himself with that tongue! :lol I’m so glad to have these days back again. :hugkiss It does a mama’s heart good!

I think he’s over the worse of this last round of chemo & it wasn’t so bad especially considering it was aggressive. His platelets today were 75,000!! :dog and his hemoglobin went up a tiny bit to 8.9. His ANC is still at zero but apparently to the trained eye there was a blip on the ANC radar & Trish is happy with that. AND he hasn’t had any mouth sores popping up!! :dog :hula That is amazing! The way Dr. Neder (transplant doc) talked, his mouth was going to be loaded with them and his organs my rot out!! :eek :lol Well we just rejected his reality and replaced it w/our own! I think our little chant may be working! Because his body is only using what it needs and is releasing the rest w/grace and ease! :D FYI great chant and affirmation for food and weight too!! :D

Even tho we have to be here awhile longer, Andrew’s feeling well enough and doesn’t have anything major going on so we can leave him for a bit now. :D :hula He’s only on antibiotics due to no white cells. He had something in one blood culture but it disappeared. Go figure ;) Thank God he wasn’t on antibiotics as a kid! He’s making up for it now tho!

WARNING! MAJOR Drama Queen moment coming on!! Now on to the devastating news. The tears are welling up as I think about it! Fighting back the tears and snotters! BECAUSE….we are getting a room mate AGAIN!!!! BA BA BAAAAA WAAAAAAAAA *throws self on floor in FULL tantrum snotters and all* And they are bringin him in the middle of the freakin night!! It’s after 2:30a.m. and he isn’t here yet. I gave up my bed toooooo early!! This is total BS!!!! Baaaaaaa Waaaaaaaaaa Drama Queen moment over, end scene!

The social worker said Andrew will like this room mate. While we had a few we liked, we still prefer to be alone dammit!! I wish his numbers would go up so we can get outta here! At least when we come back we’ll be in isolation. :hula

It was great seeing Betsy tonight! It was a beautiful night for a drive! A cold front is coming thru so it was down in the low 70’s tonight burrrrrrrrr :lol I was given the wrong directions to the hotel by the hotel but we made it in spite of them and we enjoyed an ice tea & NOT of the Long Island persuasion,  and a chat in the bar. It was great to catch up. Looking forward to our furlow tomorrow & seeing everyone at the ICDI

My mother came by today with my niece, her hubby & great nephew. I just love that baby!! He’s so much fun! He’s always giggling & smiling. My mother brought pumpkin lights for our room and fall leaves for the door. She herself was not dressed like a giant pumpkin. I have to say I was a little disappointed. :lol She looked like a giant blue berry or Nana Smurf last time! Maybe next week. ;)

I’m happy that we get a few more weeks of Andrew feeling great. Everyday is a gift!


PS Just found out that we are in fact NOT getting a roommate now!! SO I am doing my happy dance!! WOot WoOt!! I had to ask about it. Amy didn’t even come in to tell me plans had changed!!! SO Not cool!! And I thought she liked me. BUT we have no room mate!!!!

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