Martin and I were lying in bed talking last night and he was telling me what he had asked Andrew, he asked him, “Who is going to be helping us with marketing?” Andrew said “Axe, Touch and Jasmine.” Andrew is so funny with Martin, he is ‘harder’ on him than me. To Martin he is a Guide a lot of the time, not letting him away with much LOL, and with me, well, I’m Pretty Mama. :-) Martin asked “Why don’t you just tell me?” Andrew replies, “It keeps things interesting for me.” LOL As Martin was telling me this I was hearing the answers as well!

Martin asked “What should I be doing?” Andrew; “What is it you want to do?” How Spirit Guide of him! LOL Martin said, “Record my music cd, write books, tour with our comedy show and teach.” Andrew; “So be it.”

Martin then tells me he found out what Axe, Touch, and Jasmine meant as to who will be helping us with the marketing of ourselves. Martin was in Andrew’s bathroom and noticed Andrew’s bottle of Axe body wash on the ledge of the shower. (I’m not getting rid of any of Andrew’s bath supplies. It makes me feel good seeing them in his bathroom) On the bottle under the word Axe it says the scent is “Touch” and of course the Jasmine is Andrew’s fav incense that he would burn in his room.

A very cool night in deed.


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  1. Leah Clark says:

    That is SO Andrew…. LMAO!!! I keep seeing the commercial for the body scrubber with the guy in the shower with all the girls washing him. hahaha

  2. Swati says:

    Aha! So Mr. Axe Touch and Jasmine will himself help with marketing! :-D

  3. admin says:

    That’s the word on the street, but he needs to get a freakin move on! Right now I am not impressed with his marketing skills!

    I think that is why he wore the Axe Leah. Altho I don’t think he was thinking it was going to be nurses or his parents. LMAO! Ok, that’s just wrong.

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