I was just remembering something very sweet, I mean manly, *wink* ;-) thoughtful, yea, I mean thoughtful, that’s a good description of what Wesley did this weekend.

We had told him that we were still going to buy Andrew things that he would like for his room. SO he came over Sat after going to an arcade kind of place. With his tickets he won he got Andrew a Laughing Buddha statue that he knew Andrew would like. How swee…I mean thoughtful is that???

So we put it up by his urn next to the Buddha statue we got him for his 16th birthday. Andrew may not have had a bunch of friends here but the ones he had are very special! They accepted him for who he is! And Andrew loved them for who they are too!

We are so blessed that his friends still want to hang with us! It’s feels so good to have them around! Hmmm I must be the Kool Aide Mom!!!! :-D Elatia reminded me too recently how much her friends loved being around us! Even tho we were devil incarnate according to her when she was a teen! LOL Ok, it was pretty much me that was the D.I. I always played the bad cop because I was so good at it and Martin was better at the good cop. Which is why I had the night shift at the hospital too. I know there were some Dr.s wanting to perform an exorcism on me! LOL We go with our strengths! :-D

Altho we did switch rolls with Andrew in the hospital. If Andrew needed to do something like, drink more gluteamine, or get up & move around or swallow something and he didn’t want to, I said “OK Sweet heart you don’t have to!” Sooooo out of character for me! Martin was actually the hard ass with Andrew and NOT me! YAY!! It was so cool getting to be the good cop with one of my kids for a change! I fell into that roll amazingly well! Even surprised me! I didn’t want my baby doing anything he didn’t want to! Martin even had a talk with me that he would be the hard ass with Andrew so I wouldn’t have to be. DO I have the best husband or what?? For once I just couldn’t step up and be the hard ass and do the right thing! A Wise One being a totally Incarnated Angel! AND an EleMENTAL following the rules! Who Knew?? It’s all about balance!


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7 Responses to AWWWWW WESLEY!

  1. Susan says:

    How come the moms always get “bad cop”? hee hee hee I would love to be good cop, just once! And I am not sure what you are referring to in terms of bad cop on the night shift, but if your hospital experience was anything like some of mine, the doctors and nurses on night shift need a swift kick in the pants sometimes. :)

    Much love,

  2. admin says:

    Martin and I agreed I needed to be on the night shift so I wouldn’t have to deal with the Dr’s. At night I wouldn’t be bothered with all the life and death decisions that went on during the day. Or deal w/the Dr.’s that had no bed side manner and I let them know it. I actually loved the staff on the night shift. They were great! I had the best conversations with the vitals techs.

    I got to be good cop in the hospital, I would’ve much rather had stayed bad cop if it meant we coulda stayed home! To high a price to pay for good cop!

    Not that I had to be bad cop all that often with Andrew! He was so good! Elatia gave me enough practice at bad cop anyway! Can’t wait till I’m a grandma! GOOD COP all of the time!!!! WOOOOO HOOOOOOOO! :-D :-D

  3. Susan says:

    hee hee hee Good Cop Grandma! I love it! There has to be a t-shirt or bumper sticker in there somewhere!


  4. Dana says:

    That was sweet…erm….thoughtful of Wesley indeed! Tis goode friends that make the days easier for all!

    Is he going to be embarrassed that we are gushing over him like this? ;)

  5. Swati says:

    Wesley is really Heaven sent :).

  6. admin says:

    Wesley is heaven sent! Wouldn’t have always admitted that, but will now! :-)

    Well, he may not have access to a computer. Wesley is back home, 45-50 miles away and he doesn’t think his parents would allow him on the site. His mother is way Catholic and he doesn’t think she will allow him to be on the website if she finds out. :-( She doesn’t get it. She didn’t when Andrew was here.

    On the other hand, his 87 yr old great grand mother who lives by us, loves Sylvia Brown and knows who we are! She loved Andrew and knows Andrew is responsible for Wesley straightening up. She has a lot on the ball! Talking to her I can’t believe she’s nearly 90!

    Hmmmmm Will have to think about some new grand ma t-shirts Susan.

  7. Dana says:

    Well, when Wesley can get online again, he’ll find us waiting here for him :)

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