BUT it’s not the same! But I will give My Muck his dues. I’m throwing a wee bone here to keep the fans happy. :-D I’m exhausted after the first day of the ren fair, but here goes a wee story for you.

While I was at the ren fair for what seemed like an eternity today, I took Cory, Andrew’s friend out and about. Knowing how Cory likes fire, I took him to the pyro show. (you can thank me later Lori) I sat in the back as not to block anyone’s view with my big ass wings.

This lady sits in the row behind me to the side and sets a picture they bought at the ren fair beside me. And what was this picture? I hear you ask? It was a nice size picture of Buddha facing the show with a smile on his face, (not the laughing one tho, the leaner meaner years one) I knew it was Andrew’s way of letting me know he was sitting beside me! I mean really! What are the odds of a Buddha pic sitting beside me at a RENAISSANCE FAIR???!!!

I’m guessing not a whole lot! He’s really trying to help that mama gene.

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4 Responses to AWWWW HE’S A WEE DOTE!

  1. Dana says:

    Awww…that’s so cool!

    Hey! Do you have Ded Bob there and the Washing Well Wenches and Nomobugante’ (sp?) I love all of their shows (although Nomo is my fave cuz I’m a belly dancer too)

  2. Swati says:

    I love how he keeps giving you signs. :-) :-D

    Last whole night I was dreaming I was at a ren fair. All because of you! LOL!! But it wasn’t too colorful…there were all these very young gals with lovely figures wearing beautiful victorian dresses.

  3. Dana says:

    *quote* wearing beautiful victorian dresses

    We have to take you to a proper Ren Fair Swati! No Victorian dresses allowed – wrong period! And not too many gals with lovely figures either ;) ‘Curves’ are ‘period’.

  4. Swati says:

    LOL!! Yes, I knew I was in the “wrong” ren fair. Hahahaha!! (Because of the pastel and white victorian dresses). And all those young damsels with figures to die for. I remember feeling quite sad in the dream because I was not young and didn’t have the beautiful figure they had. Connie’s ren fair, mixed with my love for victorian dresses, and my issues with my weight and created that dream.

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