Connie Here: 

Those were Andrew’s words the night after coming off a 5 day sedation and intubation, upon other profound and insightful things he shared with us. I am in constant awe of this child. Even today when I got here  & he was coughing and gagging because of the mucousitus he still said he was doin pretty good.

He had a beathing treatment that actually worked!! Woohoo! FINALLY! Something that worked for a change w/o major side effects. He’s been resting pretty good altho still talking in his sleep. Not sure when he’s talking in his sleep or really talking to me. His irritation when I don’t answer gives it away. lol

 I honestly don’t know how he does it. I think he sees the bigger picture in it for him. He knows there’s a greater purpose in all this. He truly walks his talk. Not many people I can say that about. He truly believes in the Law Of Attraction and positive thoughts. I know he will get the lessons and blessings with this experience and if Martin and I (mainly me) forget to see it, he will remind us. He absolutley believes that we create our own reality. ANd like I said before he knows he left himself too open to others’ toxic enviroments and took on their stuff. When we looked up luekemia in Louise Hays book You Can Heal YOur Life, it did not even remotely describe Andrew. Luekemia “Blocking the flow of life. Blocking joy. Lack of inspiration” Something to that effect. It’s soooooo not Andrew but it is some of the people he has been trying to “save.” Not to mention he has been feeling what is being done to the Earth as well. He takes it to heart as I did as a kid but I shut down. So we explained to him that the Earth will be fine. We need to do our part so Mother Earth doesn’t get rid of us. We explained that by doing the little things like using Earth friendly products and light bulbs, it will make a difference. Also so many cool and easy things are out there to make it easy to go green. That made him feel better.

 We believe this experience will give him a voice and his is a voice that needs to be heard!!

We are praying for a restful night tonight. He has earned that one!



Another Restless Night

Martin Here: Restless but good. I am keeping vigil tonight. His fever topped at 40.4 (Metric) tonight. Connie has gone back to Sarasota tonight to take care of the mail, the house and her puppy. She also has an appt to have the scrape on the car looked at tomorrow.

I am checking Andrews temp every 45 minutes and it is going down again, but it just keeps going up and down. Nobody is sure why this is. It may be something created by the mucocitis, and it may be something due to a bug somewhere in his system that they are unable to find just yet. I am in a knowing though that we are very close to a solution. Even a change of anti-biotic might work.

We did the broncoscopy around 2:15 PM today instead of 4 PM and they went ahead and did his Lumber puncture for the spinal chemo so that he wouldn’t have to go through it separately. His temp always goes up with the LP, so it is no surprise. He sounds a lot worse than he is though. He is breathing through his mouth and his nose, but resting as comfortably as he can.

He is sucking down the Soy milk and the apple juice. This should stablize his weight at the very least. I love this kid so much. His Spirit is the biggest of anyone I have ever seen, and as far as him being only 16… Well it is uncanny the way he is handling al of this. He has his days, and I know if the mucocitis was a little better, he wouldn’t complain about anything.

The Pulmonologist said that the X-ray they were concerned about is now not a concern. The new X-ray they took, came back clear, but they did lavage and take the saline sample of whatever is in there to culture. This will help in the determination of the fever.

He asked me today to thank everybody that has wished him well, and he will be blogging just as soon as he is able. We have the secret playing in the room almost on a loop and it has been helping the energy and the attitude of everybody. We are also labelling all of the bags of fluid and platalettes the “Emoto” way.

It also seems that Adavan (SP) seems to be the only drug that actually acts well with him. It gets rid of the throat pain, and it helps him to rest. It also gives him a very good disposition, and there seems to be no residual affects from it.

Well I am watching him sleep again, and he sounds a lot more peaceful. Thank you Universe for Andrew’s Miracle Healing.

My side

Andrew had his first day of depression. He did not like it. He said it does not resonate with him. His sore throat is getting to him. The fact it’s too sore to eat anything has taken it’s toll. We discussed it then decided to put on The Secret to help shift the energy. It actually did help. We found he can drink Rice Dream milk w/ no stinging or pain. He may have to drink a gallon of it a day to gain weight but he’s willing to give it a try.

 Like Martin said above, he goes for the lung thingy Monday at 4:00p.m. I’m not thrilled about it but if it will stop his fevers & help him feel better I guess I gotta go along with it. The doc did say it was not evasive. She was better than the twit that talked to me. She is the one doin the procedure.

I take the night shift now so Martin can deal w/the doctors in the a.m. YOu might have noticed it is not my forte. Loving my son is. Tonight he asked me to lay in bed w/him and give him a hug. Didn’t have to ask me twice!

 It’s 6:15a.m. so it’s time to wake Marts up and get his behind here so I can get some sleep. I’ve only had 5 1/2 hrs and he’s had a whole lot more than me. My turn to play catch up now!

 Thank you for your continued love and support!


Down To The Wire

Hey Everybody

Martin here. We are down to the wire now, I can feel it. I am putting the thoughts into getting home with a perfectly healthy boy. I know the real healing will begin once we get him home.

Tomorrow, he has a broncoscopy with wash to determine what it is that is causing the fever thst he has had since he came into the hospital. We are holding the thought that he is a Happy and Healthy Boy.

He rested this weekend and had one x-ray tonight. I also feel that his throat is on the mend and he will be able to eat in the next few days, anything he wants.

He is resting now, but he is getting a little frustrated at the situation. This is the fight in him. Sometimes you have to “Get mad baby.”

Now we are watching “The Secret” again, and getting our heads on straight for the up-coming week. Let’smake this week the last full week we spend in here.


3 AM

Well, it’s 3 a.m. and Andrew is resting pretty good. I have The Fairy of The Woods CD playing. He’s More restful than he has been. His oxygen levels are great right around 97 right now. We had an issue with it earlier today and he was put on oxygen. Today was a bit of a nightmare w/some doctors. Pulmonary doc came in and said he has lung disease. WTF??? AND they want to do yet another procedure and go into his lungs to get a biopsy. Every test has come back neg. R U kidding me?? They want him to gain weight but r always doin some kind of procedure where they don’t want him to eat! Someone is going to get a smack real soon!

Then the pediactric SURGEON, that’s right surgeon stops by and starts talking about his spleen may have damage right infront of Andrew! In my infinite red headed, wise one, I’m gonna prison stab you way, I told him to NOT talk in the room and to NOT talk to me. He had to wait to talk to my husband got there.

Sooooo I got mad and now searchng for alternative treatments to add because all this crap is waaay to much! They are no longer helping his body get healhy again. It’s just one side effect after another! I put the word out to get GW Harding, best seller of the book The Messengers to call us. He called tonight and he gave us some great advice and is getting the name of a woman who does remote healing.

At 1:00 a.m. Andrew got up to go potty and he then sat in a chair after and I finished his hair cut, I buzzed the rest off. Ok, it does look a bit like a blind guy did it but it was 1a.m. You kow he still looks handsome. Nothing could change his bright, amazing light. He is my sunshine.

Thank you all for leaving comments. He likes when I read them to him. He really appreicates everyone taking the time to write as do I.


The first Entry of My Blog

Hi everybody

Andrew’s Dad here getting the ball rolling. Everybody else has posted comments to a non-esisting blog, so I willtake some time totidy things up. Andrew is doing well today, and we have him resting this weekend after putting some people in their place and taking our power back as parents. We have decided to let him rest this weekend and try to put back some of the weght that he released.

He is such an inspiration to me, and at this point, has handed me a great list of things that are small stuff. I am surprised at some of the things on the list, but happy that they are there. As soon as he can get his throat back in order, we look forward to full energy return.

I will teach Connie how to add a blog entry, and you are very welcome to post your comments. This will be the place where we let you know what is going on with Andrew, and take you through the processof his full recovery.

Blessings and thank you for everything you have done so far.

Martin, Andrew’s Dad

Here We Are…

Well, it looks like it will be me blogging and not Martin or Andrew for awhile. Things are very hectic, always some kind of test going on.

Today it is another lumber puncture (LP) where they do a spinal tap and they shoot chemo directly into his spine. It’s his 3rd one. *sigh* He is sedated for it. When they first did it there weren’t as many luekemia cells as they thought. SO that was good. Dunno what it is now. Haven’t heard…which we look at as a good sign. It’s when the docs won’t leave u alone u worry.

He was on morphine for the severe throat pain from the chemo but then u have the side effects of even that to deal with. Like low oxygen levels, itching, so they of course have yet another drug to counter act that! It’s overwhelming to say the least when ur use to treating things holistically.

Andrew is starting to lose his hair and we had to tell him yesterday. He was devastated. He spent the day processing that. Like he doesn’t have enough to deal with. SO we are going to do a sacred ceremony tonight and cut his hair and then bury it by a tree & ask Mother Earth to return it to him plentiful and quickly. But not like some hairy Italian or anything! :-)

It makes me sad as I sit here watching him sleep and see all the hair over him. With everyhing he has gone thru he has handled it w/such grace and courage like I’ve never seen.

He was in the bathroom yesterday and I was sitting on the floor talking him. I told him we were gong to get thru this fine and only remember the special moments we shared together. He said he knew that. He then said, “Mommy, I’m happy” After all this and more to come he is still happy. I know so many adults who have so much and are so miserable and this CHILD is going thru such trauma and he is still happy. People only thought I sufferd fools lightly before!!! I really have no time for people sitting in their shit now. I will NOT excuse anyone whose is in their shit. I will not waste my time anymore. I told Andrew that the only way you can help people is to inspire them by who you are. If they don’t get it then move on and don’t waste ur time. It’s not worth getting sick over.

Andrew knows that he left himself too open for others to dump their probelms on. He is paying the price now. He has learned to take care of himself and set very strong boundries & protection. WHen he cares for someone he really cares and takes on their stuff. He won’t do that anymore.

While this is very hard we have had some very sacred times and some how grew even closer. We had more special times here then some families could ever experience at Disney WOrld. The 3 of us are on a sacred healing journey and only great things can come of it. Because that’s just how we roll!

We thank everyone for lending their love and support! It means the world to us!

In Grace and Gratitude!

Andrew’s First Blog


This is Martin, Andrew’s Dad getting the Blog on track. Pleasepost your comments and be sure to let people know. Connie will also be posting to the blog when she gets a chance. We will be doing it until Andrew can take over.


Andrew’s Dad