ShareTonight has been another slumber party for me an The Muck! That’s Andrew’s nickname, it’s an Irish term of endearment for best mate. Mucker is the full term. We’ve called him that since he was a baby. So anyway, Muck past out after his journey to the cafeteria & slept for a few hours. Then he awoke and we chatted as I lay,(or is it lie, not sure I can NEVER rememeber how that works) beside him. He actually had some of a cookie that Leah made for him, gatoraide, and some more rice milk. He downloaded some more John Lennon songs onto his … Continue reading

ShareWHAT A FREAKIN EXCITING DAY TODAY!!! Andrew put on his shoes and went down to the cafeteria w/us!!!! We took the wheelchair but when we got down there he walked around checking out the food. He got to meet the cook whose been waiting on me. We even ate down there!!! Well he didn’t, but he enjoyed it so much being out of his room & spending time w/us! I am sooooo excited!!! Being able to hug my son while walking again?? There is nothing better!! I didn’t want to let him go! Then we went to the PICU to see … Continue reading


Share A bad one mind you but one none the less!! Honest to God that’s what it feels like when I think of what I have to deal with when I get out of here!!! I think I’m gonna have Martin write a song about it! Leaving this healing experience we currently have going on outta the pic this is what I got…. Now imagine a nice counrty & western twang going as you read this….BOTH my bathroom sinks are clogged..twang twang…someone hit my car in the hosp parking lot..twang twang….my cee-ment pond (how Beverly Hillbillies of me! ) has … Continue reading


ShareForgot to mention that yesterday I had to stop off at the office in the clown house because they wanted to talk about our stay. Coming up on 30 days so they “evaluate” to make sure not milking it. Did I write this already? She gave me a form from the cancer society to help pay for the clown house. I told her that people have been generous and have been helping with that. Plus getting help from the cancer society?? It’s too surreal needing help from the cancer society. Not ready to accept that. She then gives me a … Continue reading


ShareHere’s the latest editon of my report. He had a great day today. He is able to drink the shakes so much easier!! Woot Woot! The third one tho, he did vomit. Not so much the shake as it was mucous he did not cough up. He handled it like a champ. His weight stayed the same which is better than losing any. He took in about 1800-2000 calories today!!! WOOT WOOT! He had yet another LP today that they call an insurance policy. They r using less sedation so he wakes up sooner and not so groggy. He gets another … Continue reading


ShareThanks everyone for joining in on the party!!! I know we still have a bit to go but this is such great news and we are just so excited! He did so well tonight taking in some food. Considering he was sedated today he did damn well! He had 10oz of rice milk then some pieces of roast beef, YAY! Then he had 2 oz of apple juice, then he had a FULL scandie shake about 600 calories!!! Woot Woot!! AND drum roll pleeeease…. HE GAINED A LITTLE BIT OF WEIGHT TONIGHT!!!! That’s a HUGE win! Soooooo the party continues!!! … Continue reading


ShareWow! I’m starting this one early!! Just after 6p.m. His lung biopsy went very well. He still does not know a needle went thru his chest into his lungs He doesn’t even feel any discomfort there. WOW! is all I can say. Only in his other arm where the anesthesiologist put in an IV line “just incase.” He hates that. WHat is bugging him tho is that he has to wear an oxygen mask probably the whole night. He’s pissed about that!!! He has to to make sure his lung keeps inflating properly. The big stuff doesn’t bug him, it’s … Continue reading


ShareI had started this already once and it disappeared!!! ARRRG! SO I’ll start ALL over AGAIN! dammit! Where’s the PO’d icon when u need one! SO I’ll give you the evening update of our ANdrew. Actually it is the early morning one since it’s now 2:30a.m. I finally got Martin to tell me what Andrew was getting done tomorrow. He was afraid the mom gene was going to kick in. I knew something was up when they wanted to sedate him for a cat scan. Andrew thinks he’s being sedated because it’s going to take awhile. SO we’ll go with … Continue reading


ShareGeez I need to go to bed! Anyhoo…. FOr those who may not know I am an author. I had a book come out last year called “So These Two Dead Guys Walked Into A Bar.” “My Life In The Paranormal. One Comic’s Perspective.” I’ve gotten rave reviews from around the world, 6 countries to be exact, on it and you can read them on Amazon. DOn’t order it from amazon, order it from me if you want a book. I make NO $$ w/amazon. YOu gotta sell like a gazillion books to make like  $23.42, ok, maybe a slight exaggeration but not … Continue reading