ShareIt’s funny that when Andrew was here, he was trying to levitate at a very young age and knew he could move things with his mind. But then get frustrated when he couldn’t do it. He told me when he was around 9yo that he knew he could levitate, but couldn’t understand why he couldn’t here. Not to discourage him, I explained that this plane is denser and it’s harder to do, but it wasn’t impossible. That is when he found his love of Monks, because he read somewhere that they had mastered levitation, and that fascinated him. He wanted … Continue reading

Tis The Season

ShareThanksgiving Eve has been the tradition of when we put up our Christmas tree. We’ve done it since Andrew was a little boy and when he got old enough he took over the tradition himself making it even more of a tradition/procedure. I have written before about how Andrew loves his procedures. On Thanksgiving Eve he would put on some Enya or Gary Stadler’s “Fairy of The Woods” music as he would put up the tree and the lights on it. He had a very concise way he liked to do it and didn’t even let Martin help him! He … Continue reading

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

ShareKaliana was over today and ran her Daba ragged while I worked. Martin said she was in every room of the house today. Something very interesting happened in the back room that use to be Elatia’s and is now Kaliana’s/Maymee’s room/gym. Martin was working with Kaliana on making an energy ball. She enjoyed that, but it was what happened after that, that was very interesting. Martin aka Daba was back in Kali’s room with her when he asks her, “who’s that?” pointing to Andrew’s poster. She’s replies, “Andrew… MUCK!” She’s sitting there playing with her dolls when she holds her … Continue reading

Castles In The Sky

ShareI forget what show was on TV that reminded me of this, but it was a boy who had done something spectacular for his parents. He took care of them in a big way, and it reminded me of when Andrew was a little boy. When he was little he always told me that when he grew up, he was going to make a lot of money, like a gazillion dollars, and take care of me and Martin. He said that we were going to move into his HUGE mansion or castle when he found out I liked castles, and … Continue reading

I Ain’t Got Nooooobody!

ShareMartin and I went to Trader Joe’s today, we just love that store, and we were really excited when they came to town. Andrew would always go grocery shopping with me when he was here, so to ease my pain of him not being here, Martin and I go together now. Martin gets giddy like a little girl when we are going to trader Joe’s. On the way home from the store Martin hears Andrew say, “Guess what I got Daddy?” Martin says, “I don’t know, what?” Andrew, “Guess!” Martin, “I don’t know, tell me!” Andrew says, “look over there!” … Continue reading

Butterflies & Bicycle Rides

ShareMost people know how our loved ones on the other side will send butterflies as a, “hello! I’m still here loving you!” Well, my sister had a Muck butterfly, fly by. My sister is camping with her grandson & a few friends this weekend when they had this butterfly experience. BUT first you need to hear the back story. When Andrew was younger, like 10 or 11yo, my sister & him went for a bike ride to a near by park. The same park where my daughter now lives across the street from, and the park where we let the … Continue reading


ShareMartin and I had a freaky deaky thing happen with Andrew today. It even freaked Martin’s freak! We were sitting in the living room catching up on some DVR’d tv shows minding our own bees wax before I had to go to work and Martin to a gig. Martin set me up a computer in the living room with a 19inch flat screen monitor a few months ago, my I-Pad wasn’t cutting it & I needed a computer since my laptop took a dump. I put my feet gently up on the coffee table to do some typing. I say … Continue reading

A Healing Visitation By PureHeart

ShareI am always in awe of how magnificent my son truly is. How lucky I am to be part of such a powerful Soul’s purpose like Andrew’s/PureHeart’s is. Yes, it has been devastating for me as a mother, but on a Soul level it is beyond magnificent to be part of this journey with my son. And Leah is just one of the many reasons why. You can read about Leah in my book “No Regrets.” I have blogged before about her profound experiences with PureHeart. We came to know Leah when Andrew was in hospital. She wrote the song, … Continue reading

6th FUNeral Anniversary

ShareSunday October 27th is the 6th anniversary of our final goodbye to our beloved son Andrew. It ended up being called a FUNeral because I couldn’t say the other word regarding my son. It just didn’t seem right! So Andrew asked Martin what the first 3 letters of funeral was, hence his FUNeral was born & it was also called the FUNeral Home. Martin & I did our son’s service because no one else deserved that honor other than us! We started this journey together & we would end this part of it together too. This was the last time … Continue reading

6th Annual Int’l IT’S ALL GOOD DAY!

ShareI wrote this the morning of IIAGD. 6 years ago today was the absolute worse day of my life!!! I didn’t think it could get any worse after hearing a leukemia diagnosis for my 16yo son 4 mo earlier, but it did get worse. As I drifted off to sleep last night I remembered how 6 yrs ago last night was the last night I would ever have my son again. How I sat on the edge of my seat, leaning on his bed rail the entire night trying to will his oxygen numbers to go up, as he wore … Continue reading