Miss me?? :-D

As I watch some talk shows, that is the one thing I am noticing, how many people just aren’t present in their own lives.

I think we all go through this at some point or another, but others seem to stay that way most of their lives. So many are just not present in their own lives. They just seem to sail aimlessly through their life, not truly aware what is going on around them. Or worse yet, numbing themselves with drugs or alcohol and totally unaware of their feelings let alone their life!

Andrew has his take on it and here it is…..

“One of the things I practiced in my stay with you, was always being in the present. This is very important to your well being on Earth.

When you view your life as waves of energy coming to you, it gets easy to do. Each wave is like a pulse, and lasts for a moment of your time.

It may be a happy moment or it may be sad. It may be up or it may be down. No matter, they are moments, not great expanses of time as you once thought.

When you learn to let these moments, or waves, touch your life, you will master the moment and ultimately master the your life!”


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6 Responses to ARE YOU PRESENT?

  1. Miss you……..I have to say there is no truer words spoken, ok maybe there are but these words of our Avatar need to hit home to so many people!!! Because I know that I have to fight sometimes to be present & not let the “other” crap control/sway how I feel. I have to fight to NOT be selfish; so that I can allow humility take over & allow the “knowing” to come from Love & not cockiness..Do YOU have any idea how HARD that is!!!…Ummm wait you live with Martin of course you do…hehehehehehe but I know when I am fighting those “moods” I am also fighting to stay present. 9 times out of 10…staying present wins…Andrew…we MISSSSSS You…….but I feel your presence and know that it really is all good..

  2. Dana says:

    I love the new PureHeart quote today too!

  3. Leah Clark says:

    Ahhhh… it’s always so nice to hear from Andrew… what he has to say is always right where I am!!! So I’ll welcome the “waves of moments” today. Life is like Florida weather – if you don’t like it, wait five minutes; it’s sure to change!!!

  4. Susan says:

    Thanks for the reminder, Connie and Andrew! The precious present is a gift. I love the visual about the waves. What a wonderful day it is!

  5. Swati says:

    Yes I missed you! You hadn’t updated your blog for ages! But this is a lovely addition… :-). The waves he mentioned. I should make another piece of jewelry on it. Leah would easily be able to compose songs with that. :-)

  6. Dana says:

    *quote* Life is like Florida weather – if you don’t like it, wait five minutes *quote*

    LOL! That’s what we say here in Michigan! :D

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