I have mentioned before how I have felt Andrew at work and how he has helped me out, but this encounter last week was pretty cool. I wasn’t expecting it, but it felt like I had a REAL partner working with me that day helping me out.

My job keeps my mind only on my job because there is so much to do and remember, that I don’t get any time to daydream or let my mind wander. That’s why this next story surprised me. I went to a table to take their order and the woman orders spaghetti with meatballs. I then hear in my head, “ask her what kind of sauce she wants.” So I didn’t miss a beat, didn’t question what I heard, and asked her what kind of sauce she wanted, and she says, “Oh my God, thank you for asking! I forgot to tell you I wanted marinara sauce with that.” You see, normally when you order spaghetti and meatballs, you’d get it with a meat sauce and I don’t normally ask what sauce they want for that. I thought that was so cool that I heard Andrew while taking an order!

Then with another table I have 2 checks, I ran one debit card no problem, the other one was declined. I go back to the table to tell the gentleman that his card was declined and he was shocked and a bit worried about it because it meant he had no money in his bank account and he thought he did. Then I heard, “run it again, but slowly.” So I asked the guy if he wanted me to try again and he said yes. I did, and slid it slowly this time like I was told to do and it worked like a charm! The guy was relieved and not only was I relieved but excited that I heard Andrew again and his advice was “dead on” (pardon the pun) both times!

I have been feeling that I will be doing audience readings for parents that have lost a child as our book tour grows. I would love to be able to do that for parents. I know what it has done for me having Martin here for me, telling me what Andrew is up to all of the time. Yes, I have had my own experiences with Andrew, yes I have done mediumship, but Martin’s contact with Andrew is all of the time and that has really saved me. I would LOVE to be a channel for Andrew. Hmmm I just heard now, as I was making spelling corrections here, “You WILL be a channel for me Mommy and Daddy will be the channel for PureHeart.” I LOVE that idea! Me giving messages to parents from their children on the other side, and Martin giving profound messages from PureHeart. Sounds like the perfect partnership to me!

I did one of those card readings on facebook, “Path Of The Soul Destiny Cards” and it was so right on! Here is what one of the cards I clicked on said….

Channeling Guide Card
You have a strong ability to communicate the messages and teachings of Divine Beings. Whether you are aware of it or not, you are receiving guidance and messages from those of others dimensions of existence. One of your gifts is having the ability to share these higher teachings with others. Sometimes you simply speak the words that are needed without even knowing the effect or power of what you have said. The Channelling Guide asks that you work on fine tuning this gift. Meditate, listen and follow the guidance you receive.

Looks like I’m on the right track!


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4 Responses to ARE YOU BEING SERVED?

  1. kerri says:

    i totally see this in u. u have opened so much for me. when i told my mom about u and martin i told her the funny thing was that i wasnt drawn to martin the psychic as much as i was drawn to u. so i mock and say i am stalking u, but really i feel like u r my teacher. something has opened in me that i can only contribute to u. i am more aware of things and more comfortable in what i feel. i dont know if i could point to one thing that has opened my mind most, but more like a student going to class each day. i read as much as i can that u write and it sinks in well. u write so well, in a style that sinks in so easy for me. sometimes i get more out of stuff i am not even thinking is more than just a simple story. its way cool. u deff have a gift and i will b forever thankful that i found u thru leah. hang in there lady. there is so much for u to come.

  2. Karen T says:

    I agree. Martin’s gift has been amazing for me on many occasions, but it’s you and your realness and willingness to share the journey you are on that has taught to me most. Your teachings during that Mom’s Night Out conversation in ’06 awoke something in me to be open to what was to come. I’d been closed to anything of divine nature for years up to that conversation, as you know. Your genuine truth and honesty, without fear of what someone might think about what you have to say is what broke through a huge wall I’d built inside. Yes, Martin came along a few months later and blew the doors off…LOL, but it was your “real” that made that first crack. Thank you Connie, for being you…you teach when you’re unaware.

  3. Swati says:

    I’m so happy to read this Connie…your own connection is getting stronger and stronger!!! Who knows…you might start seeing him soon too!!

  4. admin says:

    ((((Kerri)))) & ((((Karen))))) I don’t take lightly the feelings you share with me, I really do take them to heart! It means the world to me to know that what I have shared with you and well, just being me has made a difference in your lives!

    Kerri, you said it very well when you said “sometimes i get more out of stuff i am not even thinking is more than just a simple story.” It has even surprised me how powerful some of my simple stories are! LOL I saw that with my first book, which I thought was just a silly book about my life in the paranormal. Nope, it was more than that, layers of lessons & powerful info in it. Who knew? ;-)

    I’m keepin my fingers & eyes crossed Swati!! He keeps poppin into my head more and more lately! AND I’m LOVIN it! I’m just trying to relax & just let things unfold as they need to be and not try & force it. I’m too exhausted anymore to try and force anything, I’m just going to respond to opportunity & inspiration as it arrives. Basically gettin the hell outta the way let my Higher, Divine Self take over now.

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