Me and Wes went on our Wally World jaunt late last night/early this morning like around 12:30a.m. to 1:30a.m. I kept the Witch slippers at home this time. :-) Glad I did, there was enough scary ass people there that I didn’t need to draw any attention to myself with those. The purple streak does it enough.
Wes wanted to get a bb gun that has a laser light on it. Whenever I did these midnight runs with Andrew and Wes, it was always for amo of some kind. As enlightened as Andrew was/is, he loved his guns and amo and Chinese stars. Go figure. SO we waited forever for the manager to come and unlock it. I think they were hoping we would just walk away. While waiting, I was reading a kid’s book on ugly ass spiders. Spiders freak me out, especially the hairy variety kind. But the books were like a train wreck, I couldn’t look away. Surprisingly enough I didn’t have nightmares from looking at these hairy, ugly ass spiders like I tend to do.

Finally the manager shows up and unlocks the bb gun. She escorts us to the register and says something to the quite old, cashier. I didn’t think anything of it…until the quite old cashier rings up the gun and then asks me, drum roll pleeeeease! “Can I see your ID?” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing so I said “What?” Thinking I miss understood her. But nope! She wanted to see my ID! For a bb gun! You only have to be 16yo to buy one! Why does she need to see my ID? I showed it to her and she didn’t say anything or laugh. Yes, I have had a cashier laugh when she saw my age when carding me. Not sure how to take that one. All that matters is that I was carded, right?

As Wes and I were leaving there was this small group of rag tag people in the front, one guy was holding a woman’s hand while telling her things, while the others looked on. A tall man looks at me from the rag tag team as I am looking over at them while walking away, and he says something like “blah blah blah doing total recall.” Wes asks me what he said and I tell him “I dunno, just keep moving! Move it! Move it! Move it!” They were a little too freaky deaky fer my liking! There are some scary ass people at Walmart late at night! BUT I got carded for a bb gun!!! WoOT WOoT!! That’s the first one for the upcoming year. SO the count is on AGAIN! Muck just finished off a great day that he arranged for me as Wes and I laughed all the way home. Just like the good ole days.


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  1. Leah Clark says:

    Connie – I’m never surprised to hear that you’ve gotten carded, because you’re one of the most beautiful women I know! I want to look like you!!! :)

  2. Karen T. says:

    Not surprised here either.

  3. admin says:

    Well Geez girlies! You make me blush! I’m also thinking you must not get out much Leah! LOL

    I think this cashier might have thought I was Wes’s girlfriend or something! Must be the Mary Kay foundation Karen. LOL And some make up tricks Elatia has shown me. ;-)

  4. Swati says:

    Wow!!! What an awesome compliment that was Connie!!

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