We got the tape of the service and I was right when I mentioned about the mic! DAMMIT! DAMMIT! DAMMIT! This SUCKS! Because the cd player wasn’t by us and the mic was, you can hear me singing WAAAAAAY off key, flat, and whatever other term you can use for SUCKS as a singer! You can barely hear the song! GAWD! This is worse than when my sister came out of the bathroom at the salon she was working at w/her skirt caught in her panty hose AND  drum roll pleeeeease…… she was wearing no underwear! ROFLMAO now!! Sorry Lisa, but mine is caught on tape for the whole FREAKIN world to see! Yours was just the owners of the salon, their husbands and a work man!! Oh and now this blog! ROFLMAO AGAIN!! I’m going to pay for that one. Time to pull the grieving mother, Ascended son card! Some how I don’t think she’s gonna buy it! I should probably start running now!! Still ROFLMAO!!

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  1. Kali Robinson says:

    heeeeyyy.. nothing wrong with sucking as a singer.. theres a dude here whos a judge for aussie idol.. he says everybody CAN sing.. some people just shouldn’t. i’m of the latter..

    and OMG.. your poor sister.

    i’ve walked up a street and got on a train naked (thought i was already dead was walking to the old train station so the old steam train could take me to God.. it was a lack of sleep thing) then saw the police, wondered why they had police in heaven, and why they were ‘very slowly’ approaching me with their jackets. lol.. its funny to think of now but oh my goodness.. once i realised that IT WASN’T A DREAM i was mortified. but i was SOOO lucky.. only two cars went past (on a busy wed morning at 8.30am) and one was a lady who asked me if i was ok and if i needed any help.. and the other was a dude in a ute lol.. but i’m still living in my small town and NO ONE KNEW ABOUT IT!! i thank the angels for that everyday coz i’m kinda a prude.. lol.. i wont go swimming without a shirt.

    anyways.. just thought i’d share my most embarrassin moment. thank GOD noone caught THAT on camera lol..

    love to you and yours Connie. thank you

  2. Swati says:

    Connie!! Lisa!! Kali!! LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry, but I can’t help laughing! hahahahahahaha!!

  3. Leah Clark says:

    Hey Connie –

    On the ethereal plane (I think that’s what Martin called it?), they only hear your heart anyway – so sing on!!!! Your heart is beautiful!!!!


  4. admin says:

    WOW Kali! How the heck did u do that!! Like that only happens in people’s dreams I mean nightmares!!

    You say that now Leah, wait till u hear it! LOL But u r very kind.

    I’m w/ you Swati LOL LOL LOL LOL ROFLMAO!

  5. Anna Taylor says:

    LOL Connie!!! I think that’s great!!!! It’s the heart that counts after all, not the notes!!! Will the video be up for us to see soon?? Or is it already??

    Lots of love and singing xxxx

  6. admin says:

    DAMMIT Jessie! I didn’t think I’d have to tell you Shhhhhhhh don’t tell your mother what I wrote about her! Now I got to stat running!! Altho I was LMAO when she was telling me how hard you were laughing trying to tell her!! LOL LOL LOL

    Yea Anna, sure the people that can sing say that!! LOL The video will be up in a week or so w/any luck!

  7. Sue says:

    Hey Connie–

    I’ve had the pantyhose flash those cheeks and dimples, and it ain’t smilin’ blues before. Maybe that could be another song…. so sympathies to your sister.

    Don’t worry about the singing. Just say it was deliberate–you know, you guys are comedians, right?


  8. admin says:

    yea, that’s it Sue! I did it on purpose! We’ll go w/that! lol

    Want my sister’s number?? YOu can exchange stories! LOL I actually found a greeting card for that exact situation so you know I had to get it for her….wonders if she still has it?? LOL I’m feeling a no on that one!

  9. Kali Robinson says:

    lack of sleep does amazing things to the minds of people. lol.. and i was walking up the street naked coz god was supposed to clothe me in wonderous robes as i was walking to the train that was to take me to heaven. the dude who was the conductor was abit shocked. 130kg naked woman with hair down to her ass insisting he was to drive me to heaven now lol..

    i hadn’t slept at all for seven days and i started to hallucinated and thought i was dead lol.. i told the doctors that they were only seeing my energy coz my body was in a high tech facility in the us being scientifically tested ROFL… its handy having lost so much weight coz i see the train dude quite often.. but he HAS NO IDEA who i am lol..

    and nyes.. i recommend EVERYONE gets sleep.

  10. Myra Procter says:

    OMG Kali I am in stitches here, you poor thing. I used to have the nightmare quite often that I was walking down the street with no underwear on and I remember the sheer relief on waking to find I was dreaming, I can’t imagine ‘waking’ to find it was real and I was completely naked!!!

    Connie, bless your heart, you’re allowed to sing off key at your son’s ceremony, I’m surprised you could get a note out at all with all the emotion you were feeling at the time.

    Lots of love to you

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