We did a concert in Palm Harbor at our first Unity Church yesterday. It was so nice to actually have a real sound system, a real stage and an actual sound guy who recorded our entire concert and gave us the cd! Soooooo we will have our full concert available for sale one day soon, “PureHeart LIVE!”

It was another small concert but it didn’t make it any less powerful! Andrew gave us signs as we were approaching the church. Like Martin thought a street sign said Hern, Andrew’s user name on several games. When Martin saw that it said Harn he said, “well I guess it wasn’t Andrew.” But then the next street was Druid St, hmmmm it’s looking like it just might be The Muck. As we were wondering if it was Andrew getting us to notice the street signs, we see the next one. And what do you think that one was?? It was Drew Street!! LMAO! No denying Andrew coming through loud and clear!

During the concert I was asking Andrew to show me something cool, like something “extra” that was going on during the concert like Jeremy saw. I wasn’t seeing anything for a bit. Then during the song “It’s All Good,” I had my hands behind my back and I knew Andrew was behind me doing our little hand thing with my hand we use to do when something cool happened. But he wasn’t done yet! During the song “For Andrew,” I was looking out the window trying to soften my gaze and in my mind’s eye again, I saw Andrew sitting beside Martin with his guitar that John Denver gave him, playing and singing the song along with Martin. He was wearing his camo shorts and John Lennon shirt, and those big clown sneakers of his. LOL While I didn’t hear Andrew sing, he gave me the feeling that he was also singing this song to his Dad. The tears welled up as I could feel how much he loves his Daddy. I knew he was especially singing the chorus, “This songs for u, the things that u do, to keep me from falling, to keep me from fallin, this songs for me to help me to see, all is not lost, whatever the cost, just getting use to you.” Andrew felt that way about Martin too, that Martin kept Andrew from falling while he was here. It was so beautiful to “see!”

We delivered the goods yet again! People laughed, they cried and laughed some more. It’s what we do!:-D I love when we get to talk with the people after wards. It is such a heart to heart connection. Sometimes it looks like a few people are out of body. I told Martin that we should issue a warning before our concert, “Warning! Do not drive or operate heavy machinery up to 1 hr after concert.” OR “objects or etheric beings may seem real!” LMAO!

All I can say is, it is a beautiful and magickal experience! I look forward to getting out there more!


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  1. Karen T. says:

    Is the concert still on at Elysian? Wanting another dose. :)

  2. Leah Clark says:

    LMAO – I LOVE the signs idea!!! Would be even funnier to deliver those warnings with Martin playing something soft on the guitar while speaking soothingly, like they do with the label warnings for prescription meds on the TV commercials. LOL!!!

  3. admin says:

    Yup! We are at Elysian Fields this Friday, I actually gave your neighbors a flier to give 2 u last Tues when I saw them at the sushi place. I am going to have Jeremy read his poem for Andrew at our concert to kick it off.

    Hmmm you may be onto something Leah! :-D

  4. Karen T. says:

    My neighbors? Who?

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