Close Encounter Of The Andrew Kind

I just LOVE getting these emails! Especially around the holidays. It helps me to focus on what so many have gained by my son being in the Other Side, and not my loss.

This email is from someone we met nearly 2 yrs after Andrew left us here, so she hadn’t been on our journey with us like so many others have. It appears it does not matter when we meet people, Andrew is there for those that are open to hearing him. Not only is Andrew an incredible blessing for us, but he is for so many others as well! AND that does a Pretty Mama’s heart good!

“Hello Martin,

You and Connie were at my house for a psychic party in Sept—and we are Farmville neighbors. I think your son visited me this morning and I thought I would share while it was fresh in my mind. First of all, the chair I meditate in is the chair you sat in for the readings. When I first sat down I got the feeling that the faeries were there and heard that “Oh Martin must have left some faerie dust for ye.” All was light and fun. Then I saw Connie and then it sort of ushered in your son. I was unsure at first as it seems so private and I never knew him while he was alive. When I think of Connie I see her grief, it is so great. I understand it because I have my own. And that was part of the message. She laments all the time about not connecting with her son but the message is “The grief is too great” so he can’t get through. This is as much a message for me as well as a passing along to you. I miss my mother too much sometimes and perhaps I can’t hear from her as often as I would like because “my grief is too great”. I often get parts of messages in song titles or lyrics. Two songs came up in this meditation. The first was The Carpenters version of Little Altar Boy. “Little Altar Boy I wonder would you pray for me”—–your son was the altar boy hearing my prayers. It was really quite lovely and brought me to tears. Check out the lyrics.

The second song was after I had prayed for peace in my home, my family and spread it out to the world. Peace means freedom to me which leads to love. Loving and being loved. Which lead to the Barry Manilow version of “I’ve Got my Love to Keep me Warm”. Particularly the part where he says—-I’m burning with Love”. It was great. And made me laugh.

Your son is quite the deliverer. I felt at first like I was intruding on a private thing with your family. But it turned into a whole other thing and a great message for me. I was, and am, honored that his visit was made. I will carry this with me for quite a while.

Thanks for leaving the faerie dust, thanks for sharing your son with the world and may your Holidays filled with love.”


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  1. Karen T says:

    Wow! That’s all I have…wow!

  2. admin says:

    What is cool is that she has been riding the wave of this visit for days. Andrew really is the gift that keeps on giving!

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