This is Martin’s story but I didn’t know if he would share it here. I knew if I attempted to tell it he’d edit it himself.

Martin was in the elevator coming back to Andrew’s room. There was a Hispanic family in the elevator with a little one who was here for treatment. She was crying and really miserable. Martin being Martin and usually not in body, :D looks at the wee girl in the eyes and she stops crying, he then told her telepathically that she had 4 Angels around her, :ANGELS3 :ANGELS3 :ANGELS3 :ANGELS3 then she smiled at him. They continue to exchange energy while looking into one another’s eyes. He had to get off the elevator while the family and her continue on. As soon as he stepped out she started crying and the family was looking at Martin like “who the hell is this guy???” :lol :lol

Martin came in the room so blown away by what just happened. We just love when those things happen. :WIZ

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