Martin came into my workout room giddy like a little girl with news while I was on the treadmill today. He came in to tell me that he got an email today letting us know that incredible Hay House author and scientist extraordinaire, Gregg Braden, not only remembered meeting us back in Oct 2008 in Tampa at the ICDI conference, BUT was impacted by meeting us! He also wanted to make sure we knew that he was sending his best wishes! WOW! :-o


You remember me writing about meeting Gregg back in Oct right? How Martin and Jeremy are so gay for Gregg and were giddy like little girls when they found out they were going to see him live? They were so funny to watch! There were even willing to camp out the night before at Books A Million to be the first to get his book when it was released. Ha Ha Ha. Where’s me? I was like “whateva,” he’s about science crap, blah blah blah. Yea, I changed my tune as soon as Gregg started talking! Then I was like, uhhh, yea well, couldn’t be gay for him, but woulda been if I was a dude. :-D

It will be interesting to see where this goes. SO many things are falling into place lately! For instance, Andrew was busy building a kick ass computer before he was diagnosed. He had started buying it piece by piece. The casing, and the mother board I believe. It was going to be around a $2,000 computer. Then of course he was only a week away from getting his $16,000 MAC from the Children’s Dream Fund when he crossed. Arrrrgh! Like he couldn’t wait a week! DAMMIT! In his defense tho, Andrew did say that he tried to hang on to get the computer for us, but ‘they’ came and got him. Someone is going to answer for this when I get over there! Heads will roll! LOL

Anyhoo, we have been trying to find a way to get his computer built but we just haven’t been able to pull the money together. As some of you know, Wesley was pleading on here for help towards it awhile back. But you know, all is in Divine timing. ;-) The Divine timing is now! We ran into an “old” client recently and her BF is a computer guy and has a computer business. He was interested in what Martin can offer and wanted to barter services. So just in time for Andrew’s 18th b-day, he will have even a more rockin computer! PERFECT timing! I wanted to have something big for Muck’s  b-day and this is it! Wes will have Muck’s old computer back in Muck’s room again that he got when he won his Granny Jordan’s money back in 2006 when we went to Ireland. So Wes gets a present for Andrew’s 18th b-day & Martin gets the computer Andrew was building for his 18th b-day. Everyone wins on Muck’s 18th b-day!!

We also found a manager to help us get out there. Carla is working hard on getting us bookings and media attention. I was looking for someone who would not only understand what we are about, but had a passion for what we are doing as well. Someone who could connect to Andrew’s energy and see how powerful all this really is, BUT was also really good at promoting and managing. We’ve had people years ago say they wanted to represent LightWorkers but they were CLUELESS! They had no idea about promoting or managing. I can’t believe we have found exactly what I was looking for! Just in time for Andrew’s 18th b-day…so I guess that is my present! YAY!!

As soon as we have a few more things in order, I will be blogging about our bigger plans and how you can be a part of it soon. ;-) SO stay tuned!


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10 Responses to ANDREW ROCKS!

  1. Leah Clark says:

    I actually read this on the day you posted it, but somehow forgot to comment. I was just going to say that it really makes all the difference having a promoter – someone who understands you and can get you OUT THERE! I mean, you guys are pretty out there already – hahaha – but it just takes getting in front of the right people… you’ll be like Fergie in Glamorous – “… the days when I had a Mustang and now we’re first class, up in the sky…” Woo-hoo!!!

  2. Jeremy says:

    So… Let me get this straight.. Martin gets a PERSONAL email from GREGG and he ain’t told me about it yet?… and I thought we were friends…
    LOL.. Anyway.. That is freaking Awesome!!

  3. admin says:

    It feels great to finally have someone helping us Leah. It’s been so much to try and take on ourselves w/everything we have been dealing with. Carla is really hitting it hard for us! Only a matter of time now before we are up and running and doing gigs on a reg basis. We got us a decent start w/what we booked already. Now it’s time for the media attention.

    Lemme clarify, we did NOT get a personal email from Gregg, the email was from a friend who knows Gregg & saw him this weekend at the ICDI in San Diego. They talked about us and that is when he told her the info I mentioned above. Sorry for the misleading info.

  4. Karen T. says:

    Divine timing indeed! Happy birthday to Andrew and happy presents from Andrew to you, Martin and Wes! Yay!!

    And yay for you finding Carla!

    This feels big…..

  5. Betsy Brown says:

    Trying to picture Martin and Jeremy ‘giddy as girls’ – Wishing I were more visual as I’m sure it would be worth seeing. Clairaudient that I am – I can hear them giggling though….

    Congrats on the manager – It’s only the beginning.

  6. Swati says:

    So many good things are happening with you Connie!!! The computer, and then the awesome manager!! You guys are going to get sooooo busy!!!

  7. admin says:

    Oh it is quite the site Betsy! Not for the faint at heart! LOL I do feel like things are starting to fall in place for us. Goodness knows we’ve been working our butts off for it!

    We are excited about finding Carla. It will take some time to build it still, but at least we are on the right track. She is sending out press releases 3 times a week to all kinds of places. SHe said I have had over 6,000 views on my book alone!

    Andrew’s friend Daniel might be right, he said we would be famous by Nov 2009! :-D

  8. Swati says:

    *Andrew’s friend Daniel might be right, he said we would be famous by Nov 2009!*

    Absolutely!! And in my mind you’re already famous.

  9. Jeremy says:

    It’s OK Connie.. I’m sure you and Martin left quite an impression. But just remember if it hadn’t been for me you guys wouldn’t even know about Gregg Braden… wink wink.. LOL I Love you guys.

  10. admin says:

    Right J??!! You were gay for him first. But it was the story about Muck not us that made the impression.

    Awww Swati! How sweet!

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