Leah sent this e-mail tonight and nothing beats whatever I could write.

Leah’s OBE

“Just wanted to share an experience I had earlier. It was storming here, and I decided to take a bath with the window open, candles, incense, clear my crystals with salt, etc. I had my headphones on, listening to music conducive to OBEs and meditation. I relaxed, hearing the music and the storm outside. I suddenly realized that I was walking in the woods in my backyard, then floating up toward the treetops. I floated over the neighborhood for a while, then was led to go south. I realized at one point that I was following the interstate, getting off at your exit – LOL.

I arrived at your house and landed in your front yard. I walked in through the front door, thought I’d look for you, Connie, but was directed to Andrew’s room. When I got in the room, Glan Croi was there – it was definitely the Avatar in Attendance! He placed his hand on my heart, and all I could feel was fire. I asked him what he was doing, and he said, “I’m purifying your heart.” The area around my heart became very heavy, and I couldn’t see his hand for the white hot light. Then, he looked directly into my third eye chakra, sort of shook his head (he’s still doing the heart/hand thing at this point), and a green light shone out of his eyes – sort of like Cyclops from the X-Men. I could feel a burning sensation on my forehead, and I realized he was opening my third eye – sort of like he was creating “eyelids”, so I can open that part of myself and “see” more – it was like laser surgery – hope that makes some sort of sense. I don’t know how long that went on, but when he was finished, he blessed me and I left the room. I walked down the hall and out into the back where the pool is. Your pool was filled with bright light, and I stepped down into the water. I floated on the surface for a while, feeling the white light healing me. I then realized I was floating back up into the sky, through the screen, and hovered overhead for a minute. When I looked down, Andrew was standing outside, waving at me. I flew back home, back into my body.

I feel very at peace, I can tell my heart is different – I want to say it’s heavy, but not like “heavy hearted” – more like it’s more substantial now, bigger. And I can feel a difference in my third eye chakra as well.”

How freaking cool is that? A. VERY! Looks like Leah has set the bar pretty high for us all in astral travel & OBE’s! Martin said the OBE meditation is in the download section on the home page. If you have Internet Explorer as your browser, you may be having a hard time getting to the home page. Martin is working on changing the template for the website so Internet Explorer works. He is cursing it the whole time while doing it mind you. :-) I have no problem on firefox. I haven’t checked to see if the meditation is there yet. Let me know if you do or don’t see it there for download. If you are not registered on the site, you won’t see it.

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  1. Leah Clark says:

    I got it! I got it! Going to do it now! :)

  2. admin says:

    SHOW OFF! Like tonight wasn’t already freakin cool enough?? Let me know how it was.

  3. Swati says:

    I KNEW it was Leah!!!! I came here just after reading your post on the ATP board Connie!! And I just KNEW it had to be Leah!!!!

    LEEEEEAHHH!! You know I love you (of course, I still love Cecilia the most :-P :-P), but right now, if you were anywhere near me, I’d have given you a bone crushing hug, and jumped around you and kissed you like a happy little doggie!!! Your experience is sooooo heart warming…it is healing just to READ what you wrote. Even without going through that experience directly, simply READING it is healing my heart, filling me with faith and hope. I will copy and paste it and save it on my desktop so I can read it anytime faith is low, anytime hope is low, anytime I want to give up on life. So thank you for HAVING this experience, and thank you for SHARING it. (((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))

    And Connie…like I said on the ATP board, the first thing that came to my mind was…Leah did it and showed what I have dreamed for you. She did it!! So it can be done!!! My dream is absolutely POSSIBLE!!!!!! I WILL soon hear from you that you can do this, and that you met Andrew, and that you do it on a regular basis, whenever you want to!!! I know how much this will mean to you…but Connie, even though I have never met you, Martin or Andrew…this will mean a LOT to me too…your meeting Andrew. For some reason I cannot take your “loss”. It hurts. And to know that whatever I dreamt of for you, whatever I pray for, for you, is really possible, it is making me wild with happiness. I feel so much gratitude for you Leah…I could sit and cry over it. Leah…I could never thank you enough for this. And Andrew, PureHeart, Glan Croi…what can I say about you? There is nothing I can say. So much gratitude to you too for doing this.


  4. Karen T. says:

    All I can say is WOW!!

  5. Leah Clark says:

    Never mind – I got partway through and then Max came to bed and I “woke up” and couldn’t get back there. I’ll be trying again tho – love the music and Martin’s voice is perfect for meditation (I almost typed “medication” – LOL!)

    Thank you Swati for your wonderful words (even though you do love Cecelia best… waaaaaaaaaaaaaah). And of course you knew it was me – don’t you always? ;)

    Love you guys!!!!!!!! HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Swati says:

    [barney]Do it AGAIN! Do it AGAIN![/barney]

  7. admin says:

    ahem, thank you Leah, the music is me! I recorded it at Wizard’s Window in the back room when we had the store. So glad you liked it!

    I look forward to hearing more stories like this one! I’m looking forward to having one! I’m just wondering now if I can’t be walking around my house necked or in my pantaloons because Andrew will be working in his room! :-0 LMAO!

  8. Leila says:

    What a beautiful healing experience for you ((((Leah)))) thank you for sharing and allowing Connie to Know that she can have her own OBE’s too!!! As well as further confirmation of the amazing work Andrew is doing.

    It’s all good!

    Love & hugs,


  9. Dana says:

    Waaaay Coolio Leah!

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