Martin was dong a reading last night with a very intelligent, business woman who was calling about family/relationship issues. While Martin knew what the issue was, he had to let her come to her own conclusion.

Being a good intuitive coach, Martin was leading the conversation so she could come to her own conclusion, Andrew was there as always having fun w/Martin helping him out BUT making him work for it. For instance, Andrew was writing very slowly on a black board. Martin was trying to read it, when Andrew almost got to the end, Martin realized he was writing DEADBEAT, in regards to the man in the relationship, which is typical for most relationship readings.

Because of the nature of the subject matter, Andrew told Martin “TMI Daddy I’m outta here” & he sent in another Guide who said his name was George, a friend of Andrew’s. Martin said he had long straggly hair, very wise looking face, very calming energy. He had knowledge about this situation that Andrew was not comfortable talking about. Martin was more focused on the info George had than who he was at the moment or why Andrew had him come in.

Once the information was given, Martin noticed something familiar about him & asked Andrew who he was when he came back. Andrew said “George Harrison Daddy.” Martin told Andrew that he looked like Jesus. Andrew then said “Well he is My Sweet Lord!” and started giggling & headed off humming the guitar solo from the song! OMG! Too funny! Martin asked him what was his giddy mood all about. Andrew said it was a sign of things to come! Well, I’m ready Muck! I’m ready for some fun & exciting times already! Goodness knows I’ve earned it!

For those that may not have followed us the entire time, Andrew has strong ties to John Denver absolutely ADORED him here. Then he was introduced accidentally to John Lennon when he got in the hospital. He got to meet both of them after he crossed. Andrew LOVED the Beatles while here but was not familiar with their separate careers until he was at All Children’s Hospital. And now he’s friends with George Harrison too!? Very Cool! AND why am I still here??? Andrew’s having a helluva lot more fun than I am! Why does he get to have all the fun! Soooooo NOT FAIR! He better start sharing the wealth of fun soon or he’s gettin an even bigger smack when I get over there!

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  1. Karen T. says:

    I smile every time you mention the smack…LOL Again…sorry Andrew!!

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