ALRIGHT Already!

I’ve already gotten one complaint about no blog this a.m. It would appear that some people can’t start their day w/o their blog update. :-)
Andrew had his meeting yesterday w/the Children’s Dream FOundation. I can’t say what he put in for yet because he wants to tell Nana Springsteen or is it Nana Smurf? Or did we (& when I say we, I mean me in the 2nd and 3rd person)  decide on Blue Nan Group? in person. Oh yea, read that paragraph again. I had to in order to continue on. :-)ANdrew is so excited about it!! But he did sleep.

He is still having headaches and I’m getting a little concerned. He asked for some delodid again at 3 am.  His NP, Trish said if they continue he will need a cat scan. With having a small brain bleed in the beginning we don’t take anything lightly. He woke up to pee and said he was having some really cool dreams. I told him it was because he was high! LOL Instead of disagreeing he said “Yea, I am.” :-0 Oh good, we cured the leukemia but end up with a drug addict! AWESOME! I kid, he is very careful about the drugs he takes.

Andrew and I have breakfast together now. I order it from room service and we share it and have our morning chat. He’s eating great again but Losing more hair. He goes from looking like Fire Marshall Bill, Jim Carey’s character from In Living Color, to Dr. Evil from Austin Powers. :-) Most of the time all I see is Andrew’s Light, his Spirit. But there are times when my vibration is down (hard to keep it up there ALL of the time) and I see what the chemo has done & it’s hard. It’s hard to see what all this has done to him physically. Then I remember to be in down stream thoughts and am grateful how far he has come and how well he is doing.  I am grateful  that he  is usually in  high spirits and not from the drugs! I am grateful for all the special moments the 3 of us share and realize his physical appearance is temporary. His beautiful spirit is forever!!
Well breakie should be here any minute. Need to get ready for bed soon.


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