My day at the spa was fantabulous! Did it wipe out the 18 months of extreme stress & trauma?? (remember it started with Elatia nearly passing!) No, but it was a great step in the right direction tho! I did relax and thoroughly enjoyed it! Thank you Kimberly for the gift certificate!

The massage therapist is one of us and wants to know when our next show is!! So we had a great conversation!

When I was in the aroma therapy steam room, there was 2 chairs in it. After I was in and working on relaxing wearing my towel, I closed my eyes and I could see Andrew sitting in the other chair with his towel up above his chest as well. LOL It was funny to see. I played footsie with his feet. He’s a Mama’s boy through and through! :-D

When I was getting my massage and facial I was getting ideas about pampering parents. I am going to contact the spa I use to work at and see what ideas they may have. They do a lot of charity work with a woman’s shelter. I’m going to see if they would consider donating a few services to Megan’s mother, Michelle, after Megan passes.

I am also going to contact the person who was handling Andrew’s dream and see if she has any ideas how I can get this organized and raise money. Ideally I would like parents to be able to go away for a week to be able to decompress and do some healing at a spa resort where they do meditation, yoga, mind, body, spirit activities. Plus give grieving parents tools to deal with their grief and also how to deal with any other kids’ grief they may have at home.

I actually e-mailed Dr. Phil about all this when I saw Brat Camp and one of the kids, Noah, was violent and had a horrible relationship with his mother since his sister passed on from brain cancer at 11yo 4 yrs. ago!! Hmmmmmmmm maybe if his mother had had a place where she could go and decompress, be pampered and learn how to deal with not only her grief but her son’s grief, maybe they wouldn’t be in such a mess! This is really becoming a passion for me!

I reminded Dr. Phil how he preaches to parents about taking care of their children’s mother and father! Well, if there was ever a time that parents desperately needed to be taken care of, this time is it!!!!! Parents get so beat up when going through a health crisis with a child, how are they suppose to be spiritually, emotionally and physically healthy for their kids with no way to replenish themselves!??

Yes, I still plan on doing manicures at ACH when I feel emotionally strong enough to be able to go back. We haven’t gone through all our firsts yet without Andrew. Well, without him here physically anyway. ;-)
So I’m off to continue to bask in my after spa glow. :-D


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  1. Karen T. says:

    Glow on Sistah!!!

  2. kimberley says:

    Sending prayers for Megan and her family. When the time is right everything will come together for you to organize services for parents to “decompress”. It’s unbelievable that parents/caregivers are overlooked.
    You may want to send a letter to the ACS, they may be able to help organize something. Glad you enjoyed your day and I hope they gave you a good lunch.

  3. Joanie Light says:

    So glad you had a spa-bulous day! I agree that when the time is right you’ll make it possible for other parents to have some pampering.

  4. admin says:

    It is hard to believe that the care givers are over looked. BUT I will do something about it! Yes, all in Divine timing! I don’t want to wear myself out while I’m still trying to fill my cup back up, trying to make this happen. Defeats the purpose.

    I heard Shania Twain is getting regular spa treatments over her divorce where they have to split a billion dollars!!!! ! Boo Frickity HOO!

    Thank you Kimberly, I know Megan’s family appreciates it. I left a message on her grandmother’s machine letting them know we are here and sending our love.

    BUT on the up side, little Sophia who was diagnosed with cancerous tumors on her brain when she was 11 months old, has no more tumors! She is not out of the woods but it is a huge step in the right direction! YAY! Finally success story! She was there when we were first there. All of this is still surreal to me!

  5. Dana says:

    *whines* I wanna Spa Treatment! *

    That is SO COOL CONNIE! Good for you girl!

    And that is still a way coolio idea you have for grieving parents (or stressed out parents!)

    I’ve told you that the Force has directed me back into Nursing (I got my acceptance letter into the program last Thursday!) I have to wait to see where my place is on the waiting list (please pray that I get in on the next class which begins next January! The sooner I begin, the sooner I get my license!)

    At any rate, health care, and related services (like what you are talking about Connie) is going to blow wide open! How exciting!

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