Andrew was throwing the signs left, right and center today! He didn’t leave it with just the Bubba! (Read next post first)

He gave me a powerful one on Ghost Whisperer tonight. When Melinda’s real father, who spent years in jail for a crime he didn’t commit, was murdered by the man she thought was her father, & was getting ready to cross over, (and that’s not the full twisted story line either) her mother said “I wish I could go back and…” then he cut her off and with a loving smile said “I wouldn’t change a thing.”

Here he had lost the love of his life, never got to see his daughter, spent years in jail for something he didn’t do and he wouldn’t change a thing!?? WOW!

His reply hit me in my heart and solar plexus chakras. I felt Andrew with me. It brought tears to my eyes because I knew at that moment, that, that is how Andrew feels even now. I know he had felt that way in the hospital, I shared that story here already when he said it to my mother.

I was thinking, then I realized I was actually asking him, AND I was actually hearing him. I asked him “How? How can you feel that way now? I understood why in the hospital, but now?” He said to me “Because I never left you Mama! We are together here! And I am with you there” Then I felt it, then I could see my Higher Self & Andrew together and it felt so normal! It felt so right! It was amazing and it was only a split second. Amazing what information you can get in the speed of thought! Thanks Muck!

Here is something very cool I read on the Dr Phil message board about the James Van Praagh appearance, in between all the religious rhetoric about psychics that is. A woman lost her son 12 yrs ago and gets messages from him, sometimes she doesn’t understand them until later. Some religious nut job questioned her about that since satan is leering around every corner ready to steal our souls don’t ya know!

She had asked her son, “will we see each other again when I cross over?” Afraid he might reincarnate before she gets there. Her son said after rolling his eyes, “I was here even when I was there with you.” Which validates about Andrew being with our Higher Selves now! I posted how I sooooo understood what he was saying & wanted to connect with her.

I wanted to connect with her because she was one of the very, very few that talked any kind of sense on that board but there is no way to exchange e-mails and the energy of that board is too low vibration to hang around anymore. Too much fear about satan, demons and devils oh my! Christians are funny to me.

But he wasn’t done! I saw that a So-Cal comedian friend of mine was on TLC’s 10 Years Younger again and I wanted to see it because I missed the beginning of it last time.

She is getting her eye lids & other facial work done and when they are finishing up they asked her how she was doing and she did the 2 thumbs up! I felt Andrew’s energy with me again and I knew it was his way of saying “Hi Pretty Mama!”

I was going to let Norma Jean know that she gave me a sign on the show from my son but decided not to. Then when they come back from commercial break, they show her 2 thumbs up again! So I e-mailed her. :-)

It was a great day of wonderful signs from Andrew. Must’ve been a slow day on the Other Side! LMAO!


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7 Responses to A SIGNING FOOL!

  1. Dana says:

    Christians are funny to me.

    Me too! They love to talk about ‘Hope’ and ‘Forgiveness’ – and yet they have none and refuse to give any! *shakes head*

    Coolio about all the signs Connie!

  2. Karen T. says:

    Oh my Dana, did I love your comment!! Can I get an amen!!

    And it is just that he loves you that much Connie…no matter the speed of things where he is! I think it’s awesome the things he does for you…woohoo!!

  3. Denise says:

    Yes the things he does are Awesome. He is still doing that thing with the TV, the TV going to stand by mode. It ONLY happens when I am with you especially if we do something for or about him or you really need company.

    And AMEN Dana, soooo true

  4. Leo says:

    Two thumbs up for you, Connie! It feels like “you’ve turned a corner.” A significant one. yay!

    I’ll be gone two weeks traveling the UK and I’ll be back June 2.

    I don’t know how often I’ll be able to get to a cyber cafe.

    Take care,

  5. Swati says:

    What a lovely blog entry! I loved the message you got through the movie…and I loved what that woman said her son said…that he was there even when he was on earth. A lovely lovely message for us all here Connie! Thanks…and hugs!


  6. admin says:

    I’ll give ya an AMEN Karen!! That’s like the Christian bumper sticker “Christians are not perfect, just forgiven” My reply? “Then why are they so unforgiving??” Those right wingers give Christianity a bad name. I know there are Christians out there that are not like that.

    I really think I have turned a corner Leo. I will be blogging about it tonight. There are a lot of internet cafes in London, Shaun Wise was always checking his e-mail at them when we were there together in 6/03. Have a great time Leo!!

    It really was an amazing day of signs!

  7. Leah Clark says:

    I think I saw that!!! Is she the one who has two little boys? I never get to watch that show anymore – what are the odds I’d have it on at the same time? Woo-hoo!!!

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