I don’t remember if I shared with you the funny story of Andrew with his Final Fantasy 1 game while in the hospital. It’s funny enough to mention again. He was able to get ALL the final fantasy games on E-bay. He was such an E-Bay ho while in hospital! He was sooooo excited. He played the hokey FF1 everyday until he beat it and he just loved it even tho the graphics weren’t what they are today.

He named his characters with names like Hern, Cerrenonis, and, now get this,… one of them he called “Bubba!” LOL Noticing the theme of the characters, I couldn’t figure out why he would call one Bubba! He was so surprised when I asked him why he named one of the characters Bubba!!! I said “Is he the God of the kegger Muck??” ROFLMAO

Andrew said, “No, it’s Buddha! Not Bubba!” I said, “No! Check again! It’s Bubba! Not Buddha” Andrew Looks closer and says “CRRRAP!” And we just LOAO! It’s the joke that kept on giving while in the hospital! LOL LOL

Well, today Martin and I are in the grocery store and he looks in the freezer case that’s in the middle of the isle by the deli and what does he see? He sees Bubba burgers!!! I said “Are you sure they aren’t Buddha Burgers??” LMAO!

Andrew just letting us know he was there with us! He takes every chance he can to make us laugh.

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3 Responses to A SIGN FROM BUBBA!

  1. Karen T. says:

    Now that is hysterical!!!

  2. Leila says:

    I love it! too funny!! LOL
    I always saw Buddha around Andrew. His Bubba ;-)

    Waves of Love to (((You, Martin and Elatia)))

  3. Swati says:

    I remember someone telling me how Andrew had this Buddha like aura around him. :-)

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