I have so much to blog about but just don’t have the time. We had such a great show Sat night in Hwld Fl. It was just amazing! All I can say is WOW! Can’t wait to blog about it!

It has been a crazy week going non stop and it is continuing, and I have been loving it! This is just what the Dr ordered for this grieving Pretty Mama’s heart! Family, fun, laughter and mayhem. I am just loving it!

Anyhoo, I received this e-mail from Leah with another beautiful encounter with PureHeart. I thought this might tie you over until I can get at the computer again….

Leah’s Encounter
I’ve recently gotten back into meditating on a daily basis. This morning, I was going through my yogic breathing to music with all my crystals laid out in front of me, breathing the fresh morning air and getting ready for the day. I saw the brilliant white light behind my eyelids that is Pureheart’s calling card. He was definitely Warrior Pureheart today, with all his battle regalia on. This is one of those times I wish I could paint or draw, because his presence is so beautiful!

Ever since Martin posted the story about the woman who received the beautiful wand after she crossed (and after seeing the ones he made for the shop), I’ve been bugging Andrew for my own wand. Today, he brought it. It’s plain wood with a clear quartz crystal on the top. I asked about the conspicuous lack of “bling”, and he told me that I will be decorating it myself as time goes on. He held it out to me with both hands, palms down, and I accepted it with palms up. I was instructed to place the clear quartz over my heart chakra, with the rest of the wand pointing downward. It disappeared inside my body.

Next, he tilted my head back from his eyes came green beams of light directed at my third eye chakra. This went on for a few minutes, and I could feel that area get heavier. When he finished, there was a rough green stone attached to my forehead. He said that this stone will eventually replace the clear quartz on the top of my wand. Don’t know what stone it is – guess I’ll find out eventually!

Then, he placed his hands on my shoulders and began speaking to my Higher Self. I tried to hear the words, but couldn’t. All I know is that I felt so much love I started to cry (am starting to cry again as I type this). Really, no words to describe its intensity. But I will say that one message I got was “keep doing what you’re doing – it is well done”. A message which is so welcome right now!

Then he kissed me on the forehead and was gone.

He’s so awesome!!!!

Love to you and Martin,



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  1. Swati says:

    WOW!!! What an amazingly heartwarming story!!!! I am soooo happy to read this. This was even better than the concert being a hit! :-D And I am also happy that you have started meditation and yogic breathing (you doing pranayam)?. I recently re-started pranayam because daily migraines had left me totally incapacitated. Feel sooo much better after each session.

  2. admin says:

    You realize that this is Leah’s encounter and not mine, right Swati? I love reading her encounters and one day it will be one of my own.

  3. Karen T. says:

    This is awesome to read! Pureheart is amazing! I think that Leah is too for her allowing. I know that is the only thing that keeps us each from such events. I pray for the art of allowing for us all. This was beautiful!

  4. admin says:

    Yea, dunno what my problem is. But I’ll get there.

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