No truer words were spoken in a song! What song? I hear you ask? The one Martin wrote “For Andrew.” Here is an email I received from someone today.

Hi Connie & Martin,

I just wanted to say that having gotten to know Andrew from the other side has been an Honor and a Blessing. He truly is an Amazing Avatar!!!

The 1st time Andrew came to me was when I planted the tree for him. I was driving in my car and Imagine came on and he came through and thanked me.

The 2nd time in the car again with ‘Imagine’ on the radio and he asked if I would like his help in a healing session. I have done numerous hands on healing sessions and this was the 1st time he offered his help and I’m not surprised, as this was a very special session for a baby girl who was not the same after having her 6week vaccine. I thanked him and accepted his offer and he started clapping his hands.

I felt Andrew and and a powerful team in the few session I did for the baby( at no charge, this one was different) and then her parents decided to move back to Mexico. I have always felt that Andrew had a hand in this and I can feel in my heart she will be restored to perfect health because of Andrew.

Then yesterday, to be honest I was just astounded with it all. The two cups side by side and Andrew and my Mom together. I’m sure she loves his energy. They have a few things in common such as their kindness, politeness and wicked sense of humor! Anyway, they were quite the dynamic duo.

Thank you for allowing those of us who didn’t get to  know him on this side, the Blessing of getting to know him now, through you, his WONDERFUL parents.
Much Love and Blessings,

This is what keeps me going! :-D

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  1. Karen T says:

    I second Kimberley! I didn’t know Andrew here, but getting to know him through you and Martin’s open sharing of this journey and Andrew’s continued teachings has been absolutely life changing for me.

    Thank you to all 3 of you!!

  2. admin says:

    That’s why we do what we do Karen! (((HUGS))))

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