As you know, Andrew is ALWAYS sending us signs that he is still right there with us. We are not anymore special than anyone else who has a loved one on the Other Side. All we do is pay attention and acknowledge the signs we get from Andrew. Sometimes the signs are a message for me, and other times, it’s just a hello from heaven.

I was at the gym today on the treadmill watching “8 Simple Rules,” the last show John Ritter was on. There’s nothing like watching some mind numbing TV to help me pass the time away, as I’m on the road to know where, don’t be judging! I get my best messages on the treadmill…ok, and maybe the toilet sometimes too. TMI? Anyway, on this episode, it was the kids’ first day back to school. Rory, the youngest child, who is also pretty small, it was his first day in high school as a Freshman. He’s standing at his locker and can’t get it open. There’s a Senior close by getting into his locker, so Rory says something to this Senior about it. I take notice of the Senior’s baseball cap and it has the number 22 quite large on the cap. I thought, “WOW! That’s odd.” This Senior is not amused that a lowly Freshman is talking to him, so the senior drops his book and looks at Rory and says, “Well, it’s not going to pick itself up!” Rory is all nervous and says as he goes to pick up the book, “It’s all good!” Now that made me laugh! I could feel Andrew’s energy with me. I was trying to figure out what the message could be from him, so I tune into Andrew because now he has my attention, but all I heard was “Hiya Pretty Mama! How’s it going?!” It brought a smile to my face and made me laugh again knowing my son was right there with me.

Andrew use to always say, usually when I was engrossed in something, “mommy, mommy mommy, mama, mama, Pretty Mama” until he got my attention with a “WHAT?!!!!” And then all he had to say was, “HI!” or “How’s it going?” or even a “I forgot.” SERIOUSLY?! That’s what he interrupted me for? He even did it while in the hospital too. It got to the point that it would make the both of us laugh because it was just so silly. Today was one of those times, and I loved having one of those moments again, like the good ole days when he was here bugging me. LOL

For those that don’t know, which I can’t imagine that there is those that don’t, but just in case, Andrew passed on the 22nd and always sends that as a sign or a “hello.” Now while Andrew passed on the 22nd, 2’s are also Angel numbers that mean the seeds of ideas that you have planted are about to sprout, so don’t give up. That’s when it’s a message from Andrew to let me know things are a happening when I’m about to give up. I just “check in” with Andrew to see which it is, a message or a “Hello! I’m here.”

The second sign today of course is his fav saying, “It’s All Good.” So today he sent me a double whammy in the same scene. Then if you add the song that was playing before I went into the gym, we have a triple header of signs here people. He’s a good boy!

The next time something reminds you of your transitioned loved one, it IS them letting you know they are right there with you, and thinking of you too! So allow yourself to feel them around you, and you will start to notice the signs coming even more.


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